Introducing Norsk Bibel 88/07: A New Norwegian Bible Translation

We’re excited to announce the recent addition of the Norsk Bibel 88/07 to the growing list of YouVersion Bible translations. The Norsk Bibel 88/07 is an extremely popular Norwegian translation of the Bible and we’re thankful to the Norsk Bibel AS for their generosity in providing this translation to the Norwegian speaking members of the YouVersion community around the world.

What makes this announcement even more exciting is that it comes right on the heels of the completion of the localization of the interface into the Norwegian language. We’ve been able to accomplish this push to reach the Norwegian speaking community with the help of Norea Mediemisjon, who was instrumental in translating the web interface and also helped solidify the relationship with Norsk Bibel AS.

We hope our Norwegian speaking friends will enjoy this new addition! Keep an eye out for further developments as we work towards enabling people around the world to engage the Bible their native language.

3 Replies to “Introducing Norsk Bibel 88/07: A New Norwegian Bible Translation”

    1. Hi Christer, we work with partners in each language to make a new translation available on YouVersion. If you know someone that owns the copyright for a Swedish translation or if you would like to help with Swedish translation of the website and mobile apps, please email me at scott.magdalein [at]

  1. Thanks for adding Norsk Bibel 88/07!!! This is really great, and I have been waiting for this 🙂

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