Where do you read the Bible?

We always love hearing about how YouVersion users read the Bible. Whether you find us at a conference or just send us an email, it makes us happy to know that you are finding new ways to engage Scripture with YouVersion. Today we’re curious about where you read the Bible, so let us know by answering the poll below.

Where do you read the Bible?
At home
At work

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If you have a few moments, leave a comment describing your favorite reading spot and why it’s perfect for engaging with Scripture.

20 Replies to “Where do you read the Bible?”

  1. I read it almost anywhere – at home, on the bus, as I’m walking, etc. -it is so convenient having it on my Android phone. I love YouVersion!

  2. I read whenever or wherever I get the opportunity. I generally try to start my day at work by reading the Word for a few minutes…

  3. On my Blackberry, wherever I am. In the morning at home on my Laptop then thru out the day on my Blackberry.

  4. Our church is trying as a community to read the Bible daily with the ESV readers Bible reading plan – was disappointed that youversion didn’t have that plan – but still used it for a lot of other things.

  5. Mostly at home during my quiet time. But then, I do engage in reading in the train or while waiting in an office.

  6. I read the Bible mostly at home, sometimes outside or on my Blackberry with YouVersion app, but listen to a lot of preaching and scripture while driving and on the MP3 player.

  7. I read @ work everyday, helps get over the humps of dealing with people of different dispositions and personalities when you realize God created them and each personal has an ability to bless people but sometimes need to hear or see the light in order to do that and I am trying to be the light as bright as I can be. Thanks for the awesome Android app and online setup!

  8. I read the bible on my commute to work daily.. It makes the ride in on the train that much shorter!!

  9. I don’t usually read. I am a kinesthetic learner leaning toward audio. I use YouVersion for following along with messages, looking things up while on the go, etc.

    I listen daily to the Daily Audio Bible and find myself drawn to more research that way.

  10. On the Caltrain, to and from work on my Palm Pre (webOS) phone. Love the app and the reading plans.

  11. Everywhere!!! It’s on the blackberry so its with me praise God. I can read His Word at will THANK YOU and believe me I do. In the car, on the plane, in the hospital no excuse the Word is with me

  12. Thanks to You Version (Android app) I can read the Bible anywhere on my Dell Streak. The search option and choice of translations is also great for sermon prep.

  13. I have been using You Version for awhile and I use it everywhere. Would like to see other versions such as the Complete Jewish Bible, etc.

    Really like the update program!

    Thank you for an awesome program!


  14. I checked “Other” because I read it everywhere I have my phone. I find myself turning to YouVersion several times a day. What an wonderful tool you guys have gifted to the body of Christ!

  15. Your poll ought to allow multiple selections instead of just a single selection — because I read it all of those places.

  16. Ditto what Colleen said, cause now that it’s at my fingertips I can read it more frequently, at work and at home. Currently reading it chronologically so I read it whereever I go, everyday.

  17. i have chosen “other” because since i’m able to read anywhere i want, and anytime i want, i’m taking most opportunities i get to read some passages.

    Mostly that’s on a bus or train ride. or during breaks at my work or even when i’m bathing, wich happend to be a not so good idea. xD

    But what i’m really trying to say here is, i love this app!

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