English Standard Version [ESV] Now Available Offline

After a week full of big news (like offline Bible versions on Android), we’re excited to announce that the ESV Bible is now available for offline download on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!

The English Standard Version is a long-time favorite of YouVersion users and now you can read it anytime–whether you have a data connection or not. Grab your phone and download it!

Imagine the possibilities of having the ESV offline on your mobile device. Perhaps you’re on the subway or right in the middle of one of those cellular “dead zones.” You’ve been a fan of the ESV for ages and you love the way it digs out the meaning of the text, so when you get into a conversation with a friend about some saddening news article, you can pull out your phone, pull up an encouraging verse in the ESV, and share it with them right there.

We’re thankful to Crossway for allowing us to make the ESV available for offline download to our amazing community of users. Want to see why so many of you like the ESV? Learn more about it: http://www.esv.org/

9 Replies to “English Standard Version [ESV] Now Available Offline”

  1. Will the offline version of the ESV translation be made available for any other platforms such as the Palm Pre and Pre Plus?

  2. Dear,

    Are you guys working on offline versions for Blackberry devices as well??



  3. would love to see some Palm webOS love from the YouVersion crew. Thanks for the app, but don’t leave us out of the “download to device” party.

  4. Thank you for this great version. I’m spanish speaker, so, please consider the NVI (Nueva Versión Internacional) for the future. 😉

    THank you very much!.

  5. Any word on when offline functionality is coming to the Blackberry version of YouVersion?


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