Windows Phone 7: The Bible App is Coming!

One mission drives us here at YouVersion: Helping people worldwide engage with God’s Word. We do that by making the Bible available digitally in as many versions and on as many devices as we can. So when the online store for Microsoft’s smartphone platform, Windows Phone 7, launches in the U.S. on November 8, 2010, our Bible app will be there.

Industry analysts predict Microsoft may spend up to half a billion dollars to promote Windows Phone 7, so you’ll likely start hearing a lot about it soon. To us, all that advertising and press represents a tremendous opportunity to connect even more people with the Scriptures. While the special features for our initial release of the Bible app on Windows Phone 7 will focus on social networking and connections, we’re still actively developing it, so we’ll continue rolling out more and more of the functions that YouVersion users on other platforms have come to count on. We’ll keep you posted about new Windows app features as soon as we release them—stay tuned here and on Twitter!

For those of you who choose Windows Phone 7 as your phone, we want you to know… We’ll be there.

Screen shots of the forthcoming Bible app for Windows Phone 7:

4 Replies to “Windows Phone 7: The Bible App is Coming!”

  1. This is awesome. I’m currently on a Droid but will move to WP7 this time next year. Good to know my favorite app will move with me!

  2. Do you need help testing this? I finally got my phone (one of the lucky attendees at PDC), I would be happy to help test ahead of the relese here in the US!

  3. Can’t wait! This looks good!

    Moved to WP7 from Android and I miss Youversion the most! Having to cope with using the mobile website for the moment but would love an App!

    Please have offline translations as well!

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