Badges: Has ‘Em!

As a Bible App user, you probably already know the benefits of spending time in God’s Word. But we wanted to add an extra element of fun to your time with YouVersion, so we’re introducing YouVersion badges today just for you!

YouVersion badges are like little awards for reaching milestones such as finishing a Bible reading plan, sharing Bible verses with friends, and bookmarking your favorite Bible verses. YouVersion badges are meant to signify an accomplishment or special activity regarding your interaction with the Bible, and our hope is that you’ll be even more motivated to engage with and share the Bible everyday.

While we have big plans for badges in the future, here are a few of the badges that are ready for you to earn right away.

YouVersion badges have been live for a couple days already and you can watch the frenzy of other YouVersion users who are reading, sharing, bookmarking and earning badges here. Have you earned any badges yet? If so, let us know! We’d love to celebrate together!

5 Replies to “Badges: Has ‘Em!”

  1. Any fear that this may induce performance or works driven Bible reading? Come on, its a legitimate concern even though I applaud the legitimacy of your idea

  2. I earned the “Subscribed First Reading Plan” badge and the “Completed First Reading Plan” badge!

  3. These are interesting incentives. What was the thought process behind this? It’s basically like Foursquare’s badge system.

  4. I earned my “Completed first reading plan” badge before I earned my “Subscribed to first reading plan” badge, mainly because I had already subscribed to the 25-day Christmas/Advent plan before badges were up (plus the year-long LifeJournal plan).

    It would probably be wise to reward those who “earned” the badges before the badges went live by “pre-loading” them. For example, those who are already subscribed to a reading plan have, technically, already earned the “Subscribed to first reading plan” badge. (Of course, those who have already subscribed & completed may not be trackable.)

    Oh, and the note-based badges would be more exciting if the Palm webOS app would ever get updated to allow posting notes again!!! I haven’t been able to do that in months, and all the support site says is that it’s a “known problem.” No ETA on a fix. Frustrating.

  5. I love this idea. Are you working on anything that will post the badges to Twitter and Facebook? Similar to what Foursquare does.

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