Join us! 1 Billion in 1 Month!

We mentioned this during our webcast earlier this year, but now the moment is upon us. And of course, we’ll need everyone’s help to pull it off. Here’s what we’d like to do: During just a single month, the month of January, we’d love to see users of the Bible App™ spend at least 1 billion minutes reading the Bible. (We can do this! You guys just recently passed 4 billion minutes total!) We’ve even added a page to our website to keep track and to help you out with resources.

Besides some of the things we’ve already shared that you can do—rating the Bible App in iTunes, talking to your friends about the Bible, sharing on Twitter and Facebook, even raising Bible awareness during the Christmas season—the key now is to read. Read like crazy during January. We’ve done a lot to prepare and help you, making the Bible App easy and accessible, so you can always have it with you, whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, webOS, or even in Facebook! All of that has been building toward this one moment. It’s here.

Use Reading Plans. Probably the greatest tools we’ve seen so far that can help you (and your friends) engage with the Bible are Reading Plans. Whether you’re brand-new to reading the Bible, or you’ve set 2011 as the year you’re going to read through the entire thing, or even if you want to read it all in just 90 days, there’s a Reading Plans for you. Find one you like and sign up with your free YouVersion account today.

At YouVersion, we love the Bible. It’s why we do what we do. We saw some crazy, thrilling numbers during 2010. But we’re convinced God is up to something even bigger. And we believe that helping other people fall in love with His Word is the most important thing we can all do to be a part.

12 Replies to “Join us! 1 Billion in 1 Month!”

  1. Keep up the good work enjoyed your app in 2010 looking forward to 2011

  2. Awesome! With the right motivation
    We can do all things through Christ
    Who strengthens us. Yes!

  3. I would like to add some feature to the iPhone version. Where can I download the source to contribute?

    Rodger Wilson

  4. I love the Lord and I love His Word!! It has helped me through ALL MY “TOUGH” and “ROUGH” spots in my life. I try to spread the GOOD NEWS as much and as far as I can a all times. Whenever I pray (talking to God), He always gives me an answer (His Holy Word). Try it! It works!!

  5. We are going to try and get as many folks from Hope Church…Evangelical Covenant to participate in the Essential 100 reading plan. Starting Jan 3rd.

  6. This “app” is difinitely a ” Gift from GOD”. The tools you provide make daily Bible use available anywhere, anytime, by everyone who has found this Spiritual “Oasis” in our so needy world. Thank you and GOD Bess you-all! “Here we go!”

    1. Just downloaded on my blackberry and can hardly wait to join you for 2011 Jan challenge! God’s word is a ” light to my path ” and my instruction Manual for living! Love It, Love Him (o:

  7. Your reading plans are the best way to start my day with God’s Word! (‘Essential 100’ and ‘One-to-One’ so far). Just love the App & thank Todd Cullen from LowCountry Community Church for recommending it in the first place! It will be a privilege & a blessing to be part of 1 Billion in 1 Month. Have a great 2011 YouVersion!

  8. I enjoyed using “app” this year and look forward to using it more in 2011. My only challenge is being able to access the Bible when there is an outage in internet service especially for those of us that live in Africa. I wish to advise that steps could be taken to assist many who use the Blackberry but are not able to use the internet as often as they would desire.

    Keep up the good work and we are ready to meet and surpass the target in 2011.

  9. Amazing challange but even more amazing is to see how fast the meter is growing. But just a quick question do we do a billion as in or a billion as in as both nr are represented by the same name in different languages?

    God Bless.

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