Partnership to Reach Spanish Speakers

Recently we told you about the Bible App passing 11 million downloads. We’ve also shared how, so far, YouVersion users have spent more than 3.5 billion minutes reading the Bible. Of course we couldn’t be happier to see numbers like these. But there are some other numbers you should also know about. Recent polls indicated most people (more than 70%) felt it was important to know more about the Bible. But even among those people who said they thought they ought to read the Bible, most also admitted that they rarely do—with many even saying they didn’t read it at all.

Clearly, we need to make it even easier for people to engage with God’s Word. We need to get it into more hands. Today we’re pleased to announce a new partnership intended to do just that. The American Bible Society (ABS) is introducing an exciting campaign, called Descubre La Biblia, to promote Bible engagement within the Spanish-speaking community. As part of that plan, ABS is joining with YouVersion to launch the Bible App in Spanish, which will feature several of the world’s best-known Spanish Bible translations including the Reina Valera 1960.

If you have any friends who speak Spanish, we’d love for you to share the Bible App with them. To access in Spanish, simply visit, or choose “Español” from the language selection box in the lower left corner of the site. (Users who already have Spanish (Español) selected as their language of choice on their device will automatically see the Bible App in Spanish.)

5 Replies to “Partnership to Reach Spanish Speakers”

  1. This is going to be so helpful for my parents !! Thank you you version and ABS!

  2. Hi,

    Glad to heat about the spanish versions!

    Im swedish and uses Youversion a lot, mostly in english since the only swedish version is fr.o.m. 1917.
    – I emailed you guys three months ago about the possability to update with a newer version, and a cc to the organisation behind one of the two modern translations. They responded the next day saying they could provide an XML-version of their translation.
    – As of today you guys havent even answered either of our messages.

    How come?

    /Oliver Sahrling, sweden

    1. Oliver, sorry for the challenges you have experienced. We do have limits on how we can expand…however, let me be clear- we would love to add quality Swedish translations. You can contact me directly at Terry.Storch(at)lifechurch(dot)tv

      Thanks Oliver.

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