Happy New Year!

Today begins many firsts: It’s the first day of 2011. The first day of January. And the first day of the God-sized goal we first shared with you back in November: To see users of the Bible App™ spend at least 1 billion minutes reading the Bible during just the month of January. Will you join us? Studies have shown a huge gap between how many people want to know more about the Bible…and those who actually read it. What about you? Why not make this the year that the Bible becomes a part of your daily life?

We’re ready for you! The Bible App is available on nearly every mobile platform, so you can read, take notes and share what you’re learning with your social networks. We have more Reading Plans than ever (more than 50, with even more on the way)! They’re a great way to walk through the Scriptures.

Here’s specifically what you can do to participate:

  1. Read as much Scripture in the Bible App as you can during January.
    (Signing up for a Reading Plan makes it easy.)
  2. Tell your friends about what the YouVersion community is doing. Tweet. Post status updates to Facebook. Write about it on your blog.
  3. Help friends and family install the Bible App on their mobile devices.
  4. Invite people you influence to join the revolution to discover (or rediscover) God’s Word.

Up for a serious challenge? Consider signing up for the Bible in 90 Days. Did you even know you could read the entire Bible in just three months? You can!

We can’t think of a better way to kick off 2011 than to devote ourselves to sharing the Bible, a book we love, with as many people as we can.

3 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. I realy appreciate the bible application it has helped me read the scripture through 2010. But my problem is that I can’t share my readings on facebook and I can’t update the application to current version. Please help me out. I realy want to explore the platform and introduce it to more friends here in Nigeria. Thank you for your efforts at spreading the gospel.

  2. You software is really great. I use it almost every day for our family Bible study. Just started your Essential 100 reading plan.

    But your year is not starting off so good. Your note taking part of the website and the Android app has been acting really wonky today. I’m having trouble editing/saving notes. Some of my notes appear to be duplicated on the web site, but on my Android the same note only appear once.

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