Windows Phone 7 v. 1.3: Now with Reading Plans!

A new release, v. 1.3, is now available for the Bible App™ by YouVersion on Windows Phone 7! You can update yours at Marketplace for Mobile right now. While this release contains the typical “bug fixes and performance enhancements,” the feature we’ve actually worked the hardest to bring you is Reading Plans.

When you select a Reading Plan (from a list of more than 50), YouVersion gives you a simple schedule with a little to read each day. A Reading Plan is an easy, focused way to read through whatever you’re interested in in the Bible. And if you happen to miss a day here and there (everybody does sometimes), just tap the “catch up” button, and the Bible App will reset your reading schedule accordingly.

Once you have the Bible App installed on your Windows phone, just go to Reading Plans and browse for the one you want. You can sign up at for progress update emails for yourself or an accountability partner. It’s never to late to get started!

Just think about it: This could be the year you really connect with the Bible. You can try a plan that takes you through the Bible in a year, or just select parts, even specific topics and daily devotionals. If you’re looking for a challenge, we even have one plan that will help you read the entire Bible in just 90 days!

Be sure to connect your account with your social networks and share your thoughts about what you’re reading with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

6 Replies to “Windows Phone 7 v. 1.3: Now with Reading Plans!”

  1. Major kudos for getting the save state working for Bible Translation and the place where we were reading. Been hoping for that for some time.

    For some reason, I can’t get the FB/Twitter actions to work even though I’m signed in to them. Also can’t save my reading plan progress. I check the boxes, but as soon as I go “back”, that progress disappears or isn’t saved completely.

  2. Brilliant – like the new navigation page and tabs too.
    In my view the Best bible App for WP7 yet. And it’s getting better with each release.

    Can’t wait for downloadable (offline) bibles!

  3. thanks for this update. I love the progress you’ve made with this release for WP7.

    I echo the same problem Peter stated above with the reading plan progress and I filed a bug report. When I make selections on the the checkboxes, only the last selection is checked/saved; all others are saved in an unchecked state.

    Otherwise, awesome so far.

  4. Many thanks to the fine works of folks at YouVersion to bring this awesome product to the Windows Phone market. Could someone please inform the website that it exists now? 😉 Could someone inform @youversion that it exists now? The website ‘mobile’ dropdown and the Twitter account profile both seem to be unaware that a WP7 app exists. And it’s great!

  5. Thanks for the best Bible app for WP7 – can’t wait for the offline download option especially for the HCSB.

    When will that be provided ?

    God Bless,


    1. Hopefully pretty soon. Still working through some of the technical difficulties with pulling it off well.

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