BlackBerry Update: Chinese, German, French and so much more!

The next version (v 2.9) of the Bible App™ for BlackBerry is available now. Get it at BlackBerry App World or download it here through your browser. One feature we’re thrilled to announce is the inclusion of Simplified and Traditional Chinese, right in the interface! If you know anyone who’d like a free, easy-to-read, easy-to-share Bible in Chinese, please let them know about the Bible App, powered by YouVersion.

All around, we’ve worked really hard to make this a terrific release, packed with improvements:

  • To give you a better overall reading experience, we’ve added headings, translation notes, even the words of Christ in red where the translation provides them. You can also change the font directly inside the Bible reader now.
  • The Arabic translation is now right-aligned, making it much easier to read.
  • Besides Simplified and Traditional Chinese, we’ve also added German and French interface support.
  • We updated and improved our Spanish interface, so it should be easier for native Spanish speakers.
  • And of course, what would any release be without bug fixes and performance enhancements?

Do you love reading the Bible on your BlackBerry? Have you told your friends about it yet? Please consider sharing your favorite Bible App features on Facebook and Twitter. We’d be honored if you’d show your friends how easy the Bible App is to get and how it works. (Especially friends whose native language isn’t English.)

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2 Replies to “BlackBerry Update: Chinese, German, French and so much more!”

  1. Thank GOD for bible app on BB. It is helping me to know GOD more and more. It will help others too. Cheers Youversion.

  2. Upgraded to 2.9; still can’t log in to my reading plans:

    Cannot log in to my YouVersion account on my Blackberry Bold 9650 on Verizon. After entering username/password the server responds “Username and password are required” (as opposed to “Username or password is invalid”).

    – I *can* access YouVersion Bible via Blackberry (but NOT my account & reading plans)
    – I *can* access YouVersion account/reading plans via PC and Blackberry browser
    – I *can* log in to all other Blackberry accounts/apps

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