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Kick off your fall football season with Plans featuring some of your favorite athletes, coaches, thought leaders, and other giants of the game.

Audience Of One With Carson Wentz
Professional Football Players On Humility & Surrender
Sports Spectrum Pro Football Devotional
UNPACK This…For Fantasy Football Owners
Facing Struggles With Confidence
Professional Football And The Bible

Guys Working Out

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We have Plans for all kinds of sports. Love MMA? Check out 3 Days with Michael Chandler. Huge baseball fan? Try Museum of the Bible’s Baseball and the Bible: World Series Edition. Whatever your sport — basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, racing, the Olympics, even just athletics in general…

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Featured: Francis Chan, Jesus Culture, Tony Evans, more

Letters To The Church With Francis Chan

Letters To The Church With Francis Chan
Francis Chan, 4 Days

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Exposition Of Jude

Exposition Of Jude
Tony Evans, 4 Days

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Living With A Fire Devotional - Jesus Culture

Living With A Fire Devotional – Jesus Culture
Jesus Culture, 14 Days

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Life Verses From Inside The Ropes

Life Verses From Inside The Ropes
PGA TOUR, 18 Days

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Overcome Adversity At Work

Overcome Adversity At Work
Workmatters, 4 Days

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How Joyful People Think

How Joyful People Think
Jamie Rasmussen, 7 Days

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The Third Option

The Third Option
Miles A Minute, 7 Days

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Michelle Williams: A Story of Faith

Growing her business, advocating for women’s health through nutrition and exercise, getting engaged… It’s been a life-changing year for the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and member of Destiny’s Child.

Now, in a very special YouVersion story, Michelle Williams opens up about her faith journey through depression and anxiety, and about her continuing source of hope and peace: God’s Word.

Exclusive Bible Plans from Michelle Williams

In each of these video Devotionals, Michelle brings you biblical encouragement, inspiration, and insight:

Anxiety & Depression: Finding Hope
Believe In Me

Connect with Michelle:

Instagram: michellewilliams

Facebook: Michelle Williams

Twitter: @RealMichelleW

Website: I Am Michelle

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Start Here: “Read to Me” Audio Plans

We’ve put together a collection of popular audio Plans called “Read to Me” to help you get started:

Whisper: How To Hear The Voice Of God By Mark Batterson
The Last Arrow
Called to Create
Working Through Failure
Through the Eyes of A Lion
Comparison Trap
Serve at Work
No Longer Living In Fear
Finding Comfort in Pain

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What does the Bible say about anxiety?

Good News for Anxiety

If you’ve ever struggled with worry and fear, then you know how overwhelming and confusing it can be.

Thankfully, the Bible is filled with hope for anxious hearts and minds. But, with such a big book, where do you begin?

Try one of our Featured Plans on Anxiety: short devotions that help you find peace in God’s Word, even on the most difficult days.

Hope In The Dark
The 7 Day Anxiety Detox: Practical Tips For Biblically Overcoming Anxiety
Answering Anxiety

New Blog Series on Anxiety

Looking for more resources to help you battle anxiety? Explore our new series of posts on Medium:

Here’s What to Do When You’re Stressed About Money 4 Steps to Help You Overcome Fear
Finding Peace When Life Changes

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Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives On The Promises Of God
Faith Forward Future By Chad Veach
Just Jesus: Answers For Life
Job - A Story of Unlikely Joy
James: Faith/Works
SELAH | Defining Rest In The Age Of Productivity
Romans 8 - Move From Condemned To Convinced

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