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How to Live on Purpose

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

When you engage with the Bible consistently, God’s inspired Word can help you find purpose and fulfillment. But, with your busy schedule and life’s other distractions, how do you stay on track?

Try one of our Featured Plans about Purpose: 5-minute devotions that help you connect with God and follow Him daily.

Does My Work Matter?
Kingdom Leadership In Your Workplace
Grace Over Grind

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New Blog Series on Work and Purpose

Looking for more resources to help you discover your calling? Explore our new series of posts on Medium:

I Don’t Like My Job—Now What? How Do I Discover My Purpose?
How to Make a Difference Where You Work

Verse Images: New Ways to Capture What Moves You

Verse Images

Verse Images let you capture your moments of inspiration as beautiful Bible art: to save, to remember, to reflect, and to share… all from inside the Bible App. And today, Verse Images are better than ever, with new background images, new fonts, new aspect ratios, and more!

If you’ve never made a Verse Image before, don’t worry — it’s easy! Simply tap the Read tab to start reading (or listening). When God’s Word moves you, tap the verse, then Image, then have some fun!

Pick your background.
Use a picture from your camera roll. Or try one of our stunning new high-res images.

Backgrounds Options
Font Options

Find your font.
Explore all the new fonts, and experiment with new line height and letter spacing.

Set your size.
New! Choose square or portrait

Size Options
Font Color Options

Choose your color.
Tap black or white, or make your own custom color.

Tweak your text.
Set it left, right, or center. You can even shape your text box to fit your background.

Text Position
Blur and Brightness Options

Finish up with focus.
Make your verse easier to read by adjusting blur and brightness.

Save your polished masterpiece…

To help you remember that moment, to reflect on God’s Word, and to share!

Make Yours Now

Bible Lens 📷 Now for Android!

Bible Lens + Android = Amazing!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Bible Lens for our Android community! Bible Lens, the newest app from YouVersion, reveals moments from your everyday life through the lens of God’s Word.

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Photo with verse overlay

Verse selector

Take a picture with Bible Lens or point it at your camera roll, and it auto-magically finds a matching Bible verse, then overlays it as amazing Bible art that you can save and share.

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🏈 Kick off the season with these Plans.

Game on!

Kick off your fall football season with Plans featuring some of your favorite athletes, coaches, thought leaders, and other giants of the game.

Audience Of One With Carson Wentz
Professional Football Players On Humility & Surrender
Sports Spectrum Pro Football Devotional
UNPACK This…For Fantasy Football Owners
Facing Struggles With Confidence
Professional Football And The Bible

Guys Working Out

Still looking for your game?

We have Plans for all kinds of sports. Love MMA? Check out 3 Days with Michael Chandler. Huge baseball fan? Try Museum of the Bible’s Baseball and the Bible: World Series Edition. Whatever your sport — basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, racing, the Olympics, even just athletics in general…

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