Amazing Opportunity with YouVersion Live on Android Phones

We’ve seen amazing success for the Bible on Android powered mobile phones since we launched the first version less than 9 months ago. People have been able to read the Bible in more than 40 translations and 22 languages since the beginning. Sharing Bible verses with friends, accessing more than 20 Bible reading plans, and a uniquely Android experience have made the YouVersion app the most popular Bible app in the Android Market (and every other mobile app marketplace, too).

That’s why we believe that the addition of YouVersion Live to the Android platform is a significant milestone. YouVersion Live is a unique feature that brings amazing value to the user as well as tens of thousands of churches, Bible studies, and conferences around the world. Download the latest version of the YouVersion Android Bible app now in the Android Market.

For Android Users

Having YouVersion Live on your Android phone will give you the ability to closely follow and interact with the content of any live event that is implementing YouVersion Live into their programming. With the opportunity to quickly share your experience with friends, take notes right inside the app, interact with those leading the event through answering questions and asking for prayer, and the ability to interact with other attendees through polls, YouVersion Live could change the way you experience church, Bible studies, conferences, and more.

So, before you attend another live event, make sure they’re running YouVersion Live so can take full advantage of everything YouVersion and the event has to offer.

For Event Coordinators

With the growth of Android as a platform, the sheer number of people with the YouVersion app installed on their Android phones, and the rumors of tablets and “other” devices in the near future to be running Android, the potential for reaching your audience with a unique, memorable, and engaging experience just got an adrenaline shot. Whether you coordinate regular ol’ church services, Bible studies, or large conferences, YouVersion Live on Android (and iPhone & Blackberry) makes it easier than ever to capture the attention and imagination of anyone in the room (and potentially thousands more through the option to share your event via Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and more).

Before you plan your next event, think about the almost 6 million people with YouVersion already installed on their mobile phones and make sure you leverage that opportunity to create an experience they’ll never forget.

Download the YouVersion Android app at or visit to see all of our mobile Bible offerings. Visit to read more about YouVersion Live. And don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on future announcements.

Tweaks to Connections & New Settings Admin

We rolled out an update to yesterday that includes a couple changes to make your user experience even better.

Tweaks to Connections

We changed how the Connections work to improve the speed and reliability. Each time you share a Bible verse, a reading plan, or anything else on the site, you’ll find it gets where it’s going quickly. The changes also ensure that your update will be sent to its destination regardless of the state of the destination. That means that you’ll be able to send an update to Twitter when Twitter is offline (in case the Fail Whale decides to make an appearance) and it will be posted as soon as Twitter comes online again.

New Settings Admin

We re-created the Settings area to make room for some cool stuff coming down the pipeline. The immediate changes you’ll notice are the navigation structure and organization of your account information, making it easier to manage your personal info, your password, connections, notifications, etc.

We hope you like these little tweaks and continue to enjoy reading the Bible online or on your mobile device through YouVersion.

iPad 3g Available today with YouVersion Bible HD v1.1


On April 3rd Apple released the revolutionary iPad…and today Apple released the newest iPad model with 3g. Just in time for the iPad 3g, we are happy to announce the YouVersion Bible HD 1.1 app.

New Bible HD 1.1 features:
– Login/Sync to account
– Access to over 20 Reading Plans
– Twitter integration
– bug fixes

Download Bible HD from iTunes

Introducing the New Reading Plan Calendar

Since we launched them in mid-December, the YouVersion Reading Plans have been a huge hit! We’ve seen almost 350,000 people subscribe to one of the 22 reading plans that are available, and users are continuing to sign up at an increasing rate. Many of you have let us know that the plans help you read the Bible more consistently–way to go!

Recently, we revisited the reading plans to make sure they’re as useful and helpful as possible. After more than 100 days of regularly reading the Bible, many users were asking for a couple of features:

1. You wanted a way to quickly go back to past days you’ve missed or even skip ahead to future readings.
2. You wanted to get a feel for your progress in a more tangible way.

In response to those requests, we decided to create one feature that solves both problems. It’s called the Reading Plan Calendar and it makes it even easier to get a bird’s eye view of the reading plans you’re following.

From the Calendar you’ll be able to see the full scope of your plan in calendar format, see which days are complete or incomplete in the past, and see how many days are left in the future. Clicking any day will take you to the reading selections for that day.

We hope you enjoy this addition to the YouVersion Reading Plans because we plan to roll this feature out to all of our current and upcoming mobile Bible apps very soon. To see the Reading Plan Calendar in action, just sign in and go to the overview for any reading plan that you’re following. You’ll see a message at the top of the page if there are any incomplete days in the past. Otherwise, click the button in the right sidebar that says “Plan Calendar.”

Have fun managing your Bible reading with this new tool!

Major Updates: Performance Enhancements, Improved Search, & 3rd Party Connections

Behind the scenes, our team has invested months of work and hundreds of hours of testing to make YouVersion even better for you! This major update includes two major changes and one significant addition.

Major Performance Enhancements

We painstakingly went through every line of code to make faster and more reliable than it’s ever been. Over the next several weeks, will continue to get faster for all of our users. We’ll be rolling out similar performance enhancements to all of YouVersion’s mobile Bible apps soon.

What it means for you:
A faster experience on the website, and upcoming improvements to all of our mobile apps. Reading and navigating through the Bible in the palm of your hand will be snappier than ever!

Significantly Improved Search

Searching the Bible for topics, specific Bible references, and keywords or phrases just got a lot easier, more intelligent, and faster with:

  • – the ability to use search formulas to hone your searches (e.g. “he first loved us” or Jesus AND Peter)
  • – smart search suggestions to help you find exactly what you’re looking for (e.g. Did you mean “only begotten son”?)
  • – a Bible translation picker to quickly perform the same search in different Bible translations
  • – plenty of back-end architecture that will make your search results appear super fast

Of course, improved search also works when searching YouVersion contributions, users, and tags.

What it means for you:
Easier, faster and more natural searches. We’ve played with the new search setup internally and we really think you’ll like the changes!

Introduction of 3rd Party Connections

We’re incredibly excited to be rolling out this new feature—so excited, in fact, that Terry and Jon couldn’t wait to give you a sneak preview last week! We’re starting with Facebook and Twitter, but we have plans for more integration with 3rd party services in the future.

What it means for you:
Connect your YouVersion account to your Facebook or Twitter account once and share the Bible, your reading plans, or other thoughts with your friends, quickly and seamlessly. And, because these “Connections” are tied to your YouVersion account, we’ll be able to roll out updates to the YouVersion mobile apps that take full advantage of each integration.

Our team has been working hard on these changes and we think you’ll love the end result. And, since it’s easy to share the things you love with your friends, take the chance to tell someone about YouVersion today! Tweet it, post it to Facebook, blog about it, or show someone how to read the Bible for free on their mobile phone by helping them download a YouVersion mobile app at

For specific details regarding the changes made in this update, see the YouVersion release notes.

Connect with us on Twitter at
Join the conversation on Facebook at
Get help with YouVersion at

NLT Offline Availability Extended

Thanks to the generous folks at Tyndale House Publishers, you’ll have 30 more days to download the New Living Translation for offline use in YouVersion. It’s available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, and now, iPad users too—perfect timing! This means you can enjoy the NLT anytime, anywhere, regardless of your connection or coverage.

Enjoy it while it lasts. May 5 is the last day you’ll be able to download the offline version of NLT.

[For iPad users, make sure you have version 1.0.1 to access to the NLT offline.]

Announcing the New YouVersion Bible App for iPad

Apple’s revolutionary new device is almost here and we’re ready with a brand new YouVersion Bible app designed specifically for the iPad’s big, beautiful screen. We’ve had the chance to play with it in the simulator (since no one has an actual iPad) and we think you’re going to love the Bible reading experience.

With the tight deadline and the fact that we’ve never actually tested the app on a real device, we decided to focus on the Bible reading experience with the first release, but more features and further refinement are already under development and we plan to release new versions quickly over the next few weeks. Some of the features slated for versions 1.1 and 1.2 are syncing with your YouVersion Reading Plans, more social sharing, and YouVersion Live.

Why wait? Get a sneak peek of the new YouVersion iPad app.

Reminder: NLT Offline Availability Ends April 5

Many of you have been enjoying the New Living Translation as an offline version of the Bible on your phone. As we mentioned in January, the offline download has been available for a limited time, and that time is almost up!

If you haven’t already downloaded the NLT to your iPhone or iPod Touch as an offline Bible version, you’ll have until April 5 to do so. (Read the original post for instructions on how to download an offline Bible version.)

We appreciate the generosity of Tyndale House Publishers in allowing us to make the NLT available offline for this time period and we look forward to future partnerships with the Foundation to continue to make the Bible readily accessible for people all over the world.

New YouVersion WordPress Plugin Available Now

The YouVersion team has been working hard on some great things that will be announced soon. In the mean time, we wanted to continue rolling out little goodies for you to enjoy and the YouVersion WordPress Plugin is one of them. We’re awaiting approval in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but until then you can download the plugin directly here.

Our newest WP plugin is simple and echoes the core function of the first YouVersion plugin. With the new plugin you’ll be able to quickly and easily link to Bible verses from your WordPress blog posts or pages using a simple tag structure. Here’s a quick example:

What you type in the WordPress text editor: “The Bible says in [youversion]Acts 1:8[/youversion] that we will be His witnesses.”

What your website visitors see on the published post/page: “The Bible says in Acts 1:8 that we will be His witnesses.”

The new plugin also gives you the ability to set a default Bible version that you’d like to link to as well as the ability to link to spans of verses within the same chapter, like Acts 1:8-11.

We hope you enjoy the new YouVersion WordPress plugin and we can’t wait to tell you all about all the amazing things we’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

YouVersion Bible App for iPhone & iPod Touch Update: Enhanced Bible Reading & Bug Fixes

The most recent update to the YouVersion iPhone app is now available in iTunes! We’re excited to tell you about what’s included with this release:

Enhanced Bible Reading Features (by popular demand!)

  • ~ Landscape mode in main Bible reader: To read the Bible in landscape mode, tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to the left 90’. You’ll be able to read the Bible in full, wide screen style while still having the ability to interact with Bible verses and move to the next or previous chapter.
  • ~ Full Bible interaction in reading plan reader: Now you can interact with Bible verses from within the reading plan reader. While you’re completing your daily Bible reading, you’ll be able to share a verse with a friend through email or Twitter, view contributions from other YouVersion users, or bookmark a verse for later reference.

Bug Fixes

  • ~ Losing offline data: Some users were experiencing a loss of offline Bible versions and/or bookmarks intermittently. This should no longer happen.
  • ~ Poor handling of connection loss: In previous versions, losing your data connection would cause an infinite loading spinner or an app crash. Connection loss is handled more gracefully now.
  • ~ Incomplete reading plan selections: After changing the start/end dates for a reading plan, some users reported not seeing that change fully take place within the YouVersion iPhone app. That bug is squashed and all changes made on to a reading plan should be seen within the app.
  • ~ iPod Touch problems: iPod Touch users were experiencing odd activity when outside the range of wifi including the inability to open the app or the loss of offline Bible versions. Those issues have been addressed.
  • ~ Dock icons reset in “Airplane Mode”: Some users reported losing the custom order of icons in the dock within the YouVersion iPhone app when opening the app in “Airplane Mode”. We fixed this too.

The YouVersion app for iPhone and iPod touch has experienced amazing growth in the past 6-8 months. With more than 2 million YouVersion users on Apple’s mobile platform alone, the iPhone and iPod touch have become remarkable tools for people around the world to engage with God’s Word wherever they are.

We hope you love the latest feature additions and bug fixes included in this update. If you have any feedback, questions, feature requests, or encouragement please let us know at You can also join the conversation on Twitter ( or Facebook (

And for all the iPad fans, we’re working hard on bringing an amazing Bible reading experience to that device and we’re looking forward to unveiling it soon.