New Living Translation Available Offline for iPhone/iPod Touch

We’ve been looking forward to this announcement for some time and I’m glad to be able to finally tell you about a new addition to the growing list of offline-available Bible translations for the iPhone and iPod Touch Bible app. Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, the New Living Translation is now available to download so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, whether you have a network connection or not.

We’re highlighting this addition specially because you’ll have a limited amount of time to take advantage of it. The NLT will be available for download for 90 days and will remain there forever (unless you delete the Bible app from your device, heaven forbid). Again, we want to thank Tyndale House Foundation for their generosity in making the NLT available offline for this time.

To download the NLT, or other offline translations, open the Bible app on your iPhone or iPod Touch (make sure you have a network connection) and tap the “More” option in the dock at the bottom. From there, go to Settings, then Offline Translations. Scroll down about half way and select New Living Translation from the list of options. Then tap Download Translation and the app will begin downloading the offline translation for you.

NLT Offline

The download may take a few seconds or minutes depending on the speed of your connection, but once it’s finished the NLT will show at the top of the Offline Translations list. When you’re reading the Bible, to switch to an offline translation, just open the translation selector (near the top of the reader) and look for the translation that has the little icon to the left of it.

Thank you for using the YouVersion Bible app. More than 3.3 million people have installed YouVersion on their mobile device. Know anyone who could us a free Bible on their phone? Send them to

20+ Ways to Read the Bible in 2010. Pick Your Plan & Personalize It.

Just in time for the new year, we’ve launched more than 20 new Bible reading plans on YouVersion!

  • 20+ plans are available online and on your mobile device, so you can keep up with your reading no matter where you are.
  • You can customize each plan to match your schedule by making it shorter or longer.
  • Easily track where you are by checking off each day’s reading. We’ll also show you how far along you are with a percentage of completion.
  • Your online and mobile accounts will synchronize your information, including your plan and your progress.
  • Soon, you’ll be able to build a support system by opting in for accountability emails to you and/or a friend.

Following a reading plan helps you stay on track with your Bible reading goals. Choose one (or several) and each day a special selection will be ready and waiting for you.

Pick the plan that’s the best fit for you:

See what God reveals to you when you spend time in Scripture each day!

The YouVersion Team

Read more at Swerve


YouVersion iPhone Bible App 2.2

The YouVersion offices have been buzzing with anticipation for version 2.2 of the iPhone Bible app that has just been made available in the iTunes App Store. We’re excited to put this new version in your hands before the New Year because it includes some amazing new features! Let’s take a look.

When you open the new version, you’ll see a welcome screen that gives you the option to “Sign In to” or “Create An Account.” If you choose not to sign in now, you will still be able to sign in later within the app.


Most of the new features in this version are related to the advanced Reading Plans options. The first time you open this section, you’ll see the option to “View All Plans” or “View Default Plan.” If you choose to stick with the default plan, you’ll still be able to go back and take advantage of the advanced features later.


Choosing “View All Plans” will take you to a list of all available reading plans from From here, you can sign in with your account to see the plans you’ve started already or to start a new plan. Tapping a reading plan in the list will show you the details of that plan.


When viewing the details of a reading plan, you’ll have several options. You can view a sample of the plan (View Today’s Reading), start following the plan (requires sign-in), or stop following the plan (if you’re already following that plan). You can even read a description of the plan, see your start/end dates, percentage of completion, or get more information about the provider of that reading plan.


When you tap “View Today’s Reading,” you’ll see the list of reading selections for today which you can choose to read, along with the option to go to tomorrow’s reading assignment or share your plan on Twitter or via email. If you’re signed in and looking at a plan you’re following, you’ll also see check-boxes to mark off what you’ve read. (Your progress will be synced to your account.)


Tapping a selection in the list takes you to a modified version of the main Bible reader. Notice the different dock at the bottom of the screen. That simple tool will allow you to jump between all the selections for that day. As you read, the app will track your progress for you. So, when you return to the list of today’s selections, you’ll notice that your plan is already checked off for you. If you didn’t actually read a particular selection, just uncheck it.


If you don’t have a YouVersion account yet, you’ll be able to sign up for a new account from anywhere within the Reading Plans section of the app or from the Settings page.


We hope the new Reading Plan features will help you meet your Bible reading goals for 2010. As always, to download this application or the YouVersion Bible app for Blackberry or Android, go to from your mobile device.

YouVersion Blackberry Bible App 2.1

Today we are excited to announce version 2.1 of the BlackBerry Bible app. We have been working hard on this update, and are happy to put this in your hands just in time for Christmas! So if you are a Blackberry user think of this as our special gift to you!

So, without further ado let me walk you through some of the new features and user experience.

As you might notice here, there is a slight change…what once was Daily Reading, you now see Reading Plan. We now have dozens of reading plans at your finger tips, and many are much more than just daily plans. Read more about all our reading plans here

Home View

Here you see a view of the reading plans. In this you you will notice “My Reading Plans” as well as Available Reading Plans. So yes, you guessed it…you can now login to YouVersion via your Blackberry device. The login will keep your reading in sync with the desktop web version…and any other mobile device you might use.

Reading Plan List

This view shows today’s reading for the Life Journal Reading Plan. You will notice there are 3 readings for today and the ability to email them, Tweet them, as well as see the plan details.

Life Journal View

Ok, check this out…here you are seeing our new custom daily reading scripture reader. At the bottom of the reader notice “Today” and specifically the 1 of 3. We tried to make it as easy as possible for you while reading your plan. In this view you simply see you are reading today’s plan and you are on Reading 1 of 3.

Daily Reader View

Above, I broke the news that you can now login to YouVersion via your Blackberry Bible App. //Applause goes here// You now have the ability to manage your YouVersion login as well as your Twitter login in your settings screen. Yep, it is that simple.

Settings View

Finally, it’s time to take what you have learned here and Share it with the world. On your Share screen you can now Tweet about the YouVersion Bible App being amazing…and yes it is Free as well. So go ahead, take out your Blackberry and tell the world how much you love it!


Download now…here is how. Take out your Blackberry, and go to This will take you to Blackberry App World, our preferred method of installing. If App World is not available in your country, you can also download it via from your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone mobile device.

Stories from the YouVersion Billion – What is yours?

Last week YouVersion hit a major milestone: YouVersion users have spent one billion minutes reading the Bible on mobile devices. That’s 19 centuries! It makes me wonder if something like that would have happened so quickly without the Bible being in the pocket of around 3 million people all day, every day.

Although the sheer number (1 billion!) is amazing, the more important factor is that “1 billion” represents real people spending real time reading their Bibles. The stories from those people are moving:

“I have a wife, 3 kids, a full-time job, and I’m the part time (but really operate at full time) worship pastor at a large church. I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of things to make all of these things work, and at times I would drift away from consistently reading the Word. Having YouVersion on my Droid has made an incredible difference in my life, my families life, and my ministry. Thank you so much for doing so much for His Kingdom.”

“Your app has been a Godsend, and led me back to attending church regularly and seeking spiritual help during my more recent trials and tribulations.”

“I have found that I read my bible on exponentially more than ever before as it’s always available anytime, anywhere. I love the fact that I can send text’s that I’m reading by email to my friends/family.”

“I lead an adult Disciple Bible Study at our Church. Having the many translations available on my iPhone makes comparing texts very convenient and aids our study.”

These are only a few of the many, many stories we’ve received from YouVersion users that have seen God work through the Bible on their mobile device. If you have a story of your own, go to and let us know. We’d love to hear your story.

YouVersion Android Bible App update!

Last week was such a busy week we forgot to let you know about our Android Bible App update > 1.1.4. Here is a list of some of the change log:

  • store the Bible version with bookmarks
  • replaced Bible version selection with native Android widgets (improved speed)
  • replaced settings with native Android preferences
  • fixed force close on screen rotation, and on restarting the application
  • using native Andorid context menu system now to make future application translation easier
  • improved failure handling
  • removed obsolete code and assets to reduce storage footprint
  • improved code for upgrading database schemas and preferences
  • making use of Checkstyle plugin to improve the code
  • fixed random force close on first-time application startup

Most of these were more stability and bug fixes, but know that a big update is in the works. The Android App roadmap includes Log In, Live, Offline, updated Reading Plans, much much more!

What Can 1 Billion Minutes in the Bible Do?


Today we are celebrating people reading their Bible with YouVersion for a total of one billion minutes on a mobile device. Imagine all the life change, encouragement, love, and passion in God that have come from that time spent in the Bible. Come celebrate with us at, and to our YouVersion users, thank you for making this milestone happen. You’ve read the Bible in airports, the tube, coffee shops, church services, and countless points between.

Bible App Tops Facebook on BlackBerry

Two days ago, Blackberry App World approved our YouVersion Bible App 2.0.5. This was a huge release since it made the Bible App compatible with the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. Today, I opened Blackberry App World on the Storm and noticed something very exciting…YouVersion Bible App is a Top 10 Application, even ahead of the powerhouse Facebook.

Bible App Top 10

So, as excited as I am about YouVersion being in the top 10 apps…I am most excited about seeing the Bible being freely distributed on a global scale. Currently, more than 350,000 new mobile installs take place each month globally. Thank you for your support and for telling all your friends about YouVersion. It’s because of you that more and more people are reading the Bible!

Need to download the app? Visit on your mobile device.

iPhone Bible App 2.1 is Live in the iTunes Store

We are thrilled to let everyone know iPhone Bible App 2.1 is now live in the iTunes App Store. There are several improvements in this update which you can get on your iPhone App Store or by going to

Get more details on this update here…

YouVersion Bible App now for BlackBerry Storm (Version 2.0.5)

We are pleased to announce a major update to the YouVersion Bible app for Blackberry that includes functionality for the Storm. This update is for ALL BlackBerry devices and has a whole new easy-to-use dashboard to help you navigate the Bible on your mobile device.

Version 2.0.5 is available at today!

Here are some screenshots of the new update: