100 things you can do with YouVersion: #7

Link scriptures that provide insight to specific news articles on current events.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #6

Use the journal function to build a daily or weekly journal that is stored online and privately accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #5

Star any verse or verses that you might want to revisit or remember at a later date.

Discuss YouVersion here.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #4

Contribute this blog post and associate it with Mathew 25:21 to help someone who is considering sending that verse to a friend who was recently promoted.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #3

Email this verse (Matthew 25:21 ) to a friend who was recently promoted.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #2

Not sure about the whole Christianity thing? Read through stories of how God is changing the lives of people today and email the authors to learn more.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #1

Link this Flickr photo by Jeff Epp:

to Genesis 1:15

YouVersion: The Bible meets Web 2.0

Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450. Four years later, he printed the first copy of the Bible using this new moveable type system. This accomplishment began what is known as “The Age of the Printed Book.” Over the following centuries, this technological advancement revolutionized the surrounding culture by making it possible for the Bible to be accessible to nearly everyone.

Currently, we are in the beginning of another revolution that is defined by the ability for almost anyone to publish content and quickly distribute it worldwide using the Internet. This revolution is at the center of what is called “Web 2.0.”

At LifeChurch.tv, we are working on several initiatives to leverage this revolution in our effort to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Today, we are revealing one of the most significant and far reaching of those projects:

We’d like to introduce you to YouVersion.

YouVersion is a free online Bible that allows users to associate video, audio, images, text, tags, and links to other websites with any verse or series of verses in the Bible. Each piece of contributed content can be labeled as public or private, so the application can be used both as a personal study tool and a public expression of user-generated commentary. In addition to contributing content, Scripture can be organized by assigning user-defined “tags” to any verse of the Bible.

For users who are skeptical about whether the Bible has application for their lives, YouVersion provides a platform to learn from the experiences and perspectives of others from around the world in a non-threatening and easily navigated environment.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the project you can do so on this post at LifeChurch.tv:swerve. If you’d like to contribute your services and be a part of this project, please contact us here.

In the coming weeks we will post updates on the development of the project here. You can subscribe to the rss feed to stay informed or leave your email address to be notified when we release trial versions.

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