Plan Submission Guidelines

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Thanks for your interest in providing a new reading plan or devotional for the Bible App™ and We have set up a few guidelines in order to help us make sure we are providing the best plans and the best content for the millions of users around the world who look to the Bible App as a great way to engage with the Bible.


It starts with Scripture. Since we are focused on Bible engagement, plans need to provide Bible verses or passages for daily reading. Stand-alone devotionals that don’t require reading the Bible as part of the daily assignment will not be accepted.

It must be unique. Since we have a “New Testament in 30 Days” plan, we won’t be adding the same plan that just goes by a different name. At the same time, plans shouldn’t be unique just for uniqueness’ sake. Relevance is the key. In fact, we are specifically looking for topical and devotional plans that guide readers through specific topics that are relevant to everyday living. (Please visit to see all the plans that we currently offer.)

It must be legal. You must have the legal right to sign a Licensing Agreement that gives YouVersion legal permission to distribute the structure/content of the plan. If someone else owns the copyright, then you cannot submit it – only the responsible individual can sign the agreement.

We have a global community. Is your plan available in multiple languages? Or better yet, do you have any plans outside of English all together? We would love to help people around the world engage with the Bible, regardless of their native language.

There may be other factors. Each plan has its own variables that we cannot account for. And of course our internal resources and priorities will be a factor as well. Because of this, we may not be able to accept your plan at this time. We retain the right to decline any submission for reasons other than those listed here.

If your plan is accepted for importing into YouVersion, we will want to let our users know who you are. We will be sure to put your name, attribution, and a link to your website in plain sight on your plan. Our partners are important, and we want to fully honor your contributions.


My church has a plan, so can we add it? Can I make my own plan and just have you add it? 

We definitely want to be a resource for churches all around the world, but because there are tens of thousands of churches, we cannot, at this time, add a plan for every single church. When possible, we suggest you look through the available plans and see if there is one that fits your communities needs. If there is a plan, topic, or need that you feel is incredibly relevant and would be globally useful, then you can certainly recommend something specific or submit a plan, but we can’t make any guarantees.

Once I submit my plan, how quickly can you add my plan? 

It will vary. We review all plans that are submitted. If accepted, we then add to them to our importing queue.  While we are always reviewing and queueing new plans, we typically will batch together groups of plans, rather than adding them one-at-a-time. Because of this, you should plan ahead and make your submission as early as you can. If it is a seasonal or time-specific plan, you need to submit your plan at least two months in advance. Even then, we cannot guarantee that a plan will be made available on any given date. But we will do our best.

Do I need to give you the entire plan up front? Or can I give you the first month and then keep adding to it a month at a time? 

We need to have the entire plan, all of it’s references and content, at the time of submission. Because users will begin subscribing to the plan as soon as it is ready, we need to have the entire plan ready for them. Adding days, content, or changing the readings will make for a really bad experience for the users.

Is there a limit to the number of Scripture references each day?

Every day should have at least one (1) reference (unless providing a weekly “catch up” or break day). And because most users are using mobile devices, we recommend no more than eight (8) references each day. As always, keep in mind how long it will take to do the reading.

How long can the additional/devotional content be?

Because most users are using mobile devices, we recommend this content be limited to less than four hundred (400) words per day. Beyond that, users are less likely to engage consistently.

Can I make changes to the plan after it is on YouVersion?

We can correct some minor errors, but any significant changes (passages to be read, inserting days) cannot be allowed, as this would negatively impact those users who have already started using your plan. Your best bet is to make sure the plan is perfect before you submit it.

Can we put images, videos, or rich text in the plan?

Yes! We know that people learn in different ways, so we are now expanding to include videos, images, and rich text to enhance the plans you find in the Bible App. Be sure to mention that your plan has rich content when you fill out the Plan Proposal (link below)

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