Instructions: BlackBerry Reading Plans

Sign up for a Reading Plan

  1. From the main Bible App™ by YouVersion home screen, select Plans.
  2. Select [Browse].
  3. Scroll through all available plans.
    Scroll through Categories.
  4. Select a plan you’re interested in. You’ll see a description, how long the plan takes, and two buttons:
    • View Today’s Reading. Gives you an idea how much a typical day’s reading would be.
    • Start This Plan. Signs you up for the current plan, showing you a schedule and offering other options.
  5. When you find the Reading Plan that works for you, select [Start This Plan].
    Note: You can sign up for as many plans as you want. Your plans are tracked by your account.

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Use One of Your Reading Plans

  1. Home screen: Select Plans.
  2. Select [My].
  3. Select the Reading Plan you want.
  4. Select the passage you want.
  5. When you’ve completed the passage, either:
    • Select the forward arrow to advance to the next passage for today.
      Note: Lower right: Indicates how many passages there are today, and which one you’re on.
    • Select Back to return to the list of passages.
  6. When you’ve completed the last passage, you’re returned to the reading list for today.
    Note: As you complete each passage, a checkmark displays next to it on the list. You can also manually mark references as completed/incomplete.

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Other Options

  1. Home screen: Select Plans.
  2. Select [My].
  3. Select the Reading Plan you want.
  4. The list of today’s readings presents you with several options:
    • Top:
      • Left arrow: View yesterday’s reading.
      • Right arrow: View tomorrow’s reading.
    • Bottom:
      • Twitter: Share today’s reading on Twitter.
      • Facebook: Share today’s reading on Facebook.
      • Email: Send an email message about today’s reading.
      • SMS: Send a text message about today’s reading.
        Note: Whichever sharing option you select, follow the onscreen prompts.
    • Stop Plan. Cancel your subscription to this reading plan.

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