What are you praying for?

Man praying

Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude.


Healing? Peace? Protection? A breakthrough? Are you praying for yourself? Or for someone you care about? Whatever you’re praying for, consider inviting someone you trust to pray with you.

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.


Hopefully you’ve already discovered that YouVersion’s new Prayer feature is a great way to keep track of everything you’re praying for. But YouVersion Prayer also lets you include friends in your conversation with God. When you add a Prayer, all you need to do to invite others to pray is tap Share with Friends.

Share with friends on Prayer card

The Prayer Chain feature lets your Bible App Friends share your Prayer with their Friends, who can then share it with their Friends, and so on.

Create a Prayer Chain

Allow your Friends and Friends of Friends to share this Prayer

Toggle on

Add a Prayer

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Raising a family is hard.

What does it mean to
be a “Good Parent”?

Raising a family can be hard. We all want to give our kids more than we had—security and stability, enriching experiences, and opportunities to grow. How do we lead our children spiritually, towards creating a better world?

Thankfully, we don’t have to figure it out alone. Many have gone before us, documenting their experiences with things that worked for them. These Bible Plans can help you through different stages on your journey:

Family sitting on couch

Early Childhood

For parents of small children, get the basics of biblical parenting.

Parents of Young Kids

Father and daughter sitting on couch

Older Kids and Teens

Find practical help for the challenges facing parents of growing kids. Many of these Plans are great to do with your kids using Plans with Friends.

Parents of Teens and Youth

Mother and daughter sitting on bench

Parents of Adult Children

Plans that can help you maintain your relationships with your grown children, build relationships with your grandkids, and more. Consider inviting your kids to these Plans through Plans with Friends.

Parents of Grown-Ups

Now Your Children Can Experience the Bible App for Kids in Khmer!

Bible App for Kids

Today, together with our partner OneHope, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Bible App for Kids in Khmer. Now, more children than ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Bible experience all their own.

Switching between languages is easy, right in the app’s Settings:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your app to the most current release.
  2. Open the app and tap the gear icon () to open Settings.
  3. Tap Language and select the one you want.

The audio will now play in that language, and any text will appear in that language, too!

Please help us celebrate this great news!

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Bible App for Kids Jesus

About the Bible App for Kids

Developed in partnership with OneHope, the Bible App for Kids is from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App. Designed to give children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own, the Bible App for Kids has already been installed on over 41 million Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, and it’s always completely free. Kids from all over the world are now enjoying the Bible App for Kids, in 55 languages — now including Khmer!

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon

Bible Lens is Leaving May 31

Bible Lens

So long, Bible Lens.
Thanks for the memories!

Bible Lens

In 2018, we launched Bible Lens to help reveal Scripture in your life’s special moments. And it’s possible that one day this feature could live inside the Bible App.

But, for now, rather than continuing to expand Bible Lens, we’re focusing instead on creating new features that help you seek God every day—like Prayer and Verse of the Day Stories—with more on the way.

Although Bible Lens will be removed from the app stores and will no longer work after May 31, you can keep your Bible Lens moments by saving them to your camera roll before May 31st.

Thank you for being a special part of our global YouVersion Community, and for experiencing this journey with us. We’re so grateful for all the ways you shared each amazing Bible Lens a-ha! moment.

Here’s how you can still create your own
Verse Images in the Bible App >>

Try YouVersion Prayer on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

YouVersion Prayer - Now on Amazon and Google devices. No distractions, just Prayer.

YouVersion Prayer is helping people all over the world make prayer a part of their everyday lives (with more than two million Prayers so far). Now, whatever you’re praying for, try it on your Amazon and Google voice devices.

On Amazon Alexa

Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible
for my Prayer List”

Amazon Echo

On Google Assistant

Just say, Ok Google, talk to
YouVersion Bible”

Once YouVersion Bible opens, say,
“My Prayer List”

Google Home

YouVersion Prayer reads the first Prayer on your Prayer List, then plays soft, soothing background music as you pray.1 After a minute, YouVersion Prayer reads your next Prayer, followed again by quiet music. One Prayer at a time, YouVersion Prayer helps you pray through each item on your list.

More About YouVersion Prayer

1 The first time you ask YouVersion Bible to read your prayer list, follow the prompts it gives you.