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Mid-Year Challenge

It’s back! The Mid-Year Challenge is here.

Whether you’ve been successful at building a Bible habit this year or you need a new starting line, the Mid-Year Challenge will help you create the momentum you’re looking for.

Accept the Challenge

Earn the 2022 Mid-Year Challenge Badge by completing at least one Plan day for 7 days in a row this July.

Mid-Year Challenge Countdown

Mid-Year Challenge Badge

Make sure you don’t miss any days by setting up daily reminders in your Plan settings!

Ready to get started? Pick a Plan now:

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When Disappointment Strikes

Person looking out over water

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

We don’t always understand God’s will. And, if we’re being honest, there are occasional times when we don’t like His will, either.

When grief lands on our doorstep.

When we’re not sure if we can cope.

When we think about what could have been.

Wrestling with our deepest pain is hard. But if the Bible doesn’t hide stories about suffering, neither should we.

Whatever you’re facing right now—it’s not the end of your story. God is with you, and always will be.

Discover how to process unmet expectations and painful situations with these Plans.

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Encourage a Dad With This Verse Image Today

Father holding infant

The Bible is full of stories about fathers and father figures who God used in different ways.

Dads like Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, who faithfully led and protected his family.

Or Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, who gave wisdom and leadership advice to Moses.

And Paul, who was a spiritual mentor to Timothy.

Just like the men in the Bible, the dads in our lives inspire us in different ways.

Maybe they’ve protected you like Joseph, shared timely guidance like Jethro, or encouraged you like Paul.

Whether he’s your own dad or a father figure, tell a dad how thankful you are for who he is and what he means to you by sharing this Verse Image.

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. - Philippians 1:3 - Verse Image

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Want to Help?

Hands holding glowing sphere

How can God use you?

When you share the app or give to YouVersion, you’re giving hope to millions of people around the world.

Here are three ways YouVersion is helping people connect with God and find hope in His Word:

Ukrainian Bibles and Resources

During an extremely heartbreaking time in Ukraine, overall search activity in YouVersion more than doubled.

As searches for hope, anxiety, and peace grew exponentially, Ukrainians were able to connect to God’s Word in the midst of their pain and emotion.

Our team was able to quickly respond with resources to bring hope in just a matter of days:

  • The first Ukrainian audio Bible in YouVersion
  • New Bible App for Kids resources
  • A Prayer for Comfort, rallying people in prayer for Ukraine
  • Ongoing encouragement to our Ukrainian community through emails and push notifications

New Features for Churches

We value community and connection—and we know churches do, too.

Soon churches will be able to have a profile in YouVersion and easily share Plans with their entire church.

This is just the beginning of what we’re building, and you can be a part of helping churches around the world better serve and lead their congregations.

41 New Bible Languages in 2022

Did you know that YouVersion offers Bibles in over 1,800 languages? And, in just 2022, we’ve added 41 new Bible languages to our app experience.

Because of the generosity of our Community and Bible publishing partners, we’re able to provide this experience to more people.

God is doing something amazing through YouVersion, and you can be a part of it!

Your support could change someone’s life.

When we trust God with what He’s given us, He is able to do more than we could ever imagine.

Give Now

The easiest way to contribute to our
mission is by setting up a recurring gift.

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God Is Closer Than You Think.

Stained Glass Dove

The power of the Holy Spirit

Today, many people celebrate Pentecost—the moment after Jesus’ resurrection when God freely gave His Holy Spirit to anyone who believed in Him.

And the Holy Spirit present at Pentecost is the same Holy Spirit available to you … right now.

No matter your situation or background, when you belong to Christ, His Holy Spirit is with you at all times.

God’s Spirit empowers and strengthens you, and prays on your behalf. The Holy Spirit understands your needs because He understands you.

Learn more about how the Holy Spirit empowers us by starting one of these Plans.

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