God Is Closer Than You Think.

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The power of the Holy Spirit

Today, many people celebrate Pentecost—the moment after Jesus’ resurrection when God freely gave His Holy Spirit to anyone who believed in Him.

And the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost is the same Holy Spirit available to you … right now.

No matter your situation or background, when you belong to Christ, His Holy Spirit is with you at all times.

God’s Spirit empowers and strengthens you, and prays on your behalf. The Holy Spirit understands your needs because He understands you.

Learn more about how the Holy Spirit empowers us by starting one of these Plans.

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💬 Send Scripture to a friend.

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When it comes to God’s Word, you can never share too much! When you share the Bible, you’re helping someone connect with God.

Here’s a story of life transformation that happened after someone shared the Bible App:

“I had just come into a relationship with Christ, and someone at my church shared the Bible App with me. I started The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel Plan … Not only am I using Plans, but I’m also sharing them with others! The Bible App disciples me, and I use it to disciple others.”


How can you be part of someone’s life change? Open Daily Refresh the next three days to learn about evangelism—sharing your hope in God with others!

Open Daily Refresh

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Together, let’s change the world—one Bible at a time.

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Change the world by doubling your impact today!

Mastone plants churches in villages in Zambia. He used to travel many miles, carrying physical Bibles to remote areas in Africa and crossing through fires and dangerous waters.

“It’s something hard. At times you want to cry and say, ‘I can’t do this.’”


But, Mastone’s life and ministry completely changed when he discovered the Bible App, making it easier for him to take God’s Word from village to village.

“The Bible App has everything. We get the Bluetooth speaker, everyone is able to hear in their mother tongue, and we learn God’s Word together.”

It’s because of these remote areas that we created Bible App Lite—an app made for people with low internet connectivity to easily access God’s Word.

Thanks to a generous donor, every one-time gift given by May 20 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to US$500,000 and go toward Bible App Lite.

Give a One-Time Gift

Together, we’re equipped to reach everyone, everywhere, every day with God’s Word!

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Let’s Talk About Anxiety

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Whether it’s financial difficulty, a strained relationship, or an overwhelming workload, anxiety finds a way to creep into our lives.

It isn’t something to feel ashamed of—but you weren’t meant to keep sitting in it either.

God promises to walk alongside us and ease our burdens. Allow Him to fill you with His peace through these Plans.

Find More Plans

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Everyone should have access to God’s Word…

That’s why our Family of Apps is completely free.

This is only possible because of the consistent generosity of our Sowers Community—people who share our vision to get God’s Word to the world.


Discover how you can join and what it means to be a Sower of God’s Word with this special message from our founder and CEO, Bobby Gruenewald.

One seed—God’s Word—can change the world.

Join the Sowers Community by setting up a recurring gift and start sowing seeds that have an eternal impact.

I Want to Join

Together, we can get God’s Word to everyone, everywhere, every day—one seed at a time.

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