God can use just one verse to change someone’s life.

Person using the Bible App on phone

On the same day that Rich received a life-altering diagnosis, he also discovered something else that would change his life forever. Here’s his story:

In Rich’s hopelessness and fear, he found God’s Word through the Bible App, and it sustained him.

Right now, you can help get the Bible to people who, just like Rich, are desperately searching for hope that we know can only be found in God’s Word.

When you give a gift of US$36, you’re getting 90 free digital Bibles to people around the world.

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Together, let’s spread the hope of God’s Word!

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Where do you find rest?

Guided Prayer

This month, we’re focusing on the topic of rest! And true rest comes from spending time with God.

Prayer is one way of resting. But, finding the time, focus, or words might be hard.

Prayer iconTry Guided Prayer

No matter what you’re facing, Guided Prayer is here to help. In just a few minutes, you can connect with God through Scripture and prayer prompts.

Let’s embrace prayer as one way of finding true rest with God! Start Guided Prayer today.

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Discover Plans for Peace

Person looking out over water

… In every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


In every season, God is able to give us peace. This peace isn’t temporary or dependent upon what’s happening around us, and it can’t be found through social media binges or self-help clips. True and eternal peace is only found by drawing near to God.

Today, seek God and His peace by starting one of these Plans.

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God Is Closer Than You Think.

Stained Glass Dove

The power of the Holy Spirit

Today, many people celebrate Pentecost—the moment after Jesus’ resurrection when God freely gave His Holy Spirit to anyone who believed in Him.

And the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost is the same Holy Spirit available to you … right now.

No matter your situation or background, when you belong to Christ, His Holy Spirit is with you at all times.

God’s Spirit empowers and strengthens you, and prays on your behalf. The Holy Spirit understands your needs because He understands you.

Learn more about how the Holy Spirit empowers us by starting one of these Plans.

Plans iconMore Plans

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