Access to God’s Word isn’t a reality for everyone…

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That’s why YouVersion created Bible App Lite. It’s an app specifically made for people with limited access to Scripture to get God’s Word.

Today, over 27 million people have accessed God’s Word through Bible App Lite. But there are still more people who need to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word.

And, we are perfectly positioned to reach them.

Imagine if everyone in our YouVersion Community committed to giving right now—no matter the amount.

When you set up a recurring gift, you’re funding tools like Bible App Lite to help consistently get Scripture to people who’ve never been reached before.

Together, we can get God’s Word to the world.

Set Up a Recurring Gift

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“What makes God’s love different?”

It can be easy to believe that the love our culture promotes is what real love looks like.

But this love can often leave us feeling like no matter what we do or how hard we try, we will never be enough.

With God’s love, we don’t have to do anything to earn it—He freely gives it to us.

And, because we’ve experienced His unconditional love, it changes the way we love others.

Allow God’s love to transform your relationships by reading Scripture daily with the people in your life.

Start a Plan with Friends:

Start a Plan with Friends

When we experience God’s love, He calls us to share it with the world.

Consider giving a gift to YouVersion to help even more people experience God’s love through His Word in the Bible App.

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“Did Jesus really say that?”


Why are Jesus’ parables important?

During His ministry on earth, Jesus often used stories to illustrate an important lesson or idea. And, these parables can continue to teach us something today.

This week, experience Jesus’ parables like never before with exclusive content in Daily Refresh.

Each day, you’ll uncover a new parable, from what it means to be the light of the world to what the Kingdom of heaven is like and more.

For the next seven days, commit to learning more about Jesus’ teachings in Daily Refresh.

Open Daily Refresh

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“What does the Bible say about prayer?”

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Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start or what to say when it comes to prayer. But just like a friend, God wants to have a conversation with you.

For the next seven days, discover what God’s Word says about prayer.

Thanks to exclusive Daily Refresh content from our Partner, Propel Women, you can study a new verse about prayer in Guided Scripture, and then learn how to apply it to your life with Guided Prayer.

Build your Bible habit, and watch how prayer deepens your relationship with God.

Start Daily Refresh

Do you love Propel Women? Follow them in the Bible App to never miss their new content!

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How could you live generously this year?

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God’s Word is like a small seed. When it takes root in good soil, God uses it to transform lives (Matthew 13:23). This is why getting God’s Word to everyone, everywhere, matters.

When you set up a recurring gift, you can help consistently sow God’s Word into the hearts of millions of people around the world.

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As we lean into a spirit of generosity in 2024, we want to invite you to pray with us. Pray that God’s Word will take root in people’s lives and produce immeasurable fruit.

Your ongoing support through giving and prayer helps:

  • Millions of people download free digital Bibles
  • Get Scripture into every language by 2033
  • Millions of people connect with Scripture through features in the Bible App
  • Get thousands of Bible languages into the Bible App

When you set up a recurring gift, you’re not just giving to a cause—you’re sowing a seed that has an eternal impact.

Set Up Recurring Gift

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