Here’s how to stay focused on Jesus…

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Right now, what’s fighting for your attention and keeping you from going deeper with God?

Silencing the noise in our lives takes time, but it’s one of the reasons why many Christians practice Lent. The purpose of Lent isn’t to “better” your life, but to recenter your life on what matters most: the One who made you and died for you.

During Lent, refocus and prepare for Resurrection Sunday by drawing near to God through the following Bible Plans. (And, all of these Plans can also count toward the 21-Day Challenge.)

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Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.


You can still join the Challenge!

21-Day Challenge

What choice do you need to make to intentionally draw near to God right now?

One way to run toward Jesus is by completing the 21-Day Challenge! Just finish 21 Plan days before the end of February, and remember: Today is the last day to start.

Find a Plan:

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Start a Plan for Black History Month

Collection of Black History Month Plans

Who can you learn from today?

February is Black History Month, and we want to highlight Black pastors and leaders who are inspiring our Community’s relationships with God. The global Church is a better reflection of Christ because of their contributions.

Today, let’s thank God for these leaders, and learn from their perspectives by starting one of the Plans listed below.

Run Forward: Start the 21-Day Challenge!

21-Day Challenge

What do you spend your time running towards?

We are all in a race that God has put in front of us. And each day we have to choose whether we will move forward toward the finish line, or move away from our calling and our Savior.

The future still feels uncertain, which may make it tempting to slow down and stop pursuing healthy spiritual habits. But the actions you take today determine the trajectory of your life. This is why deciding to daily draw near to God matters.

As February begins, challenge yourself to daily fix your eyes on Jesus and make time with God a habit by joining the 21-Day Challenge.

Get the 21-Day Challenge Badge by
completing at least one Plan day for 21 days
before February ends.

21-Day Challenge Badge

To get the most out of your Challenge, invite a few trusted Friends to join you. (And don’t miss any days by setting up daily reminders in your Plan settings.) If you finish your Plan before the end of the Challenge, just start another one and keep going!

Now—let the Challenge begin!

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