A Conversation with CrossFit Champion Rich Froning

He broke records as the first four-time consecutive winner of the CrossFit Games (2011-2014), then again as captain of the Crossfit Games’ current Team Division champions, Mayhem Freedom. Dubbed the “Fittest Man in History” in the documentary Froning, devoted family man and elite athlete Rich Froning is foremost a passionate follower of Christ, seeking to glorify God in every area of his life.

In this exclusive YouVersion video, Rich opens up about his faith journey, revealing how God’s Word has shaped his life, his career, and his relationships.

Whatever season of life you’re in, let Rich’s story inspire and uplift you as you pursue your own intimacy with God. Then, after you’ve watched the video, go check out Rich’s new video Plan, “Powered by Scripture,” on the YouVersion Bible App. You can also hear him on the latest episode of the highly-rated Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.

Powered by Scripture
Q&A with CrossFit Champion Rich Froning - Q&A with CrossFit Champion Rich Froning

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Tell your story…

I have not concelaed your steadfast love and faithfulness - Psalm 40:10

…we want to hear it.

He stands on the corner of a busy Toronto street, scrolling on his phone. At first glance, he looks just like everyone else shuffling around him. But as you come closer, you notice something…different. This man radiates indescribable peace and joy. You peek over his shoulder to see what he’s looking at: he’s reading the YouVersion Bible App.

Meet Scott Daniels

In 2012, Scott downloaded the YouVersion Bible App, and his life was completely transformed. Let Scott tell you his story:

Like Scott, many of us have inspirational stories that point to one moment where God used the YouVersion Bible App to draw us closer to Him.

How has YouVersion helped you?

Your story matters. We want to know what your life looked like before the YouVersion Bible App, and what it looks like now. How, specifically, has God used YouVersion to positively impact your life?

Your inspirational life story could be the tool God uses to transform someone else’s life. Click below to tell us your story, and allow God to use the power of your testimony to encourage His Kingdom.*

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More Life Change Stories:

Meet Will.

Man looking at phone in city

Growing up, Will had no use for God. On TV, he saw televangelists convincing people to send money, and ministry leaders shamed by scandals. Will’s family didn’t go to church, but his friends’ church experiences confirmed most of what he already believed about so-called “Christians.”

Then as an adult, Will met a Christian woman on a dating site. They had several things in common, so they started chatting regularly. As Will got to know Becca, he was surprised to discover that her faith didn’t fit any of his stereotypes.

To see for himself what the Bible was about, Will downloaded the YouVersion Bible App and started a one-year Bible Plan. He also began attending an Alpha course, where his skepticism was welcomed. As he learned who Jesus actually was, Will decided to follow Him.

When Will learned the Bible App was made by YouVersion, a ministry of Life.Church, he tried Life.Church Online. There was also a physical Life.Church campus near him, so he tried that too. When the pastor mentioned that YouVersion was hiring, Will applied.

Today, Will has been working at YouVersion for 7 years. And that woman he met online? They’ve been happily married since 2012.

Meet Galisia.

Woman looking at phone

Several years ago, postpartum depression grabbed hold of Galisia. When she couldn’t see a way out, she lost all hope. Galisia even considered driving off a bridge to commit suicide. While surfing the Internet, she found the YouVersion Bible App and downloaded it.

Through the Bible App, Galisia started reading Plans that were relevant to her, searching on words like “sad,” “hopeless,” “afraid,” and “suicidal.” One day as she was reading in the app, something inside her shifted, and she began to weep. Because of the power of God’s Word, Galisia has now fully recovered from her postpartum depression, and she’s grateful for her second chance at abundant life.

What’s your story?

This space is reserved for you. If God has used the YouVersion Bible App specifically to positively transform any area of your life, share your story, and let’s celebrate that together!

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Andy Mineo: Living With Doubt.

You may have listened to Andy Mineo’s “You Can’t Stop Me” (now RIAA certified Gold®), seen him tour with Lecrae, or watched his popular YouTube show, “Saturday Morning Car-Tunez.” This hip hop artist, who’s making (sound)waves in the music industry, has had a memorable few years. But, that doesn’t mean his faith journey hasn’t had its share of struggles.

In this exclusive video with YouVersion, Andy opens up about doubting his faith, questioning what it means to follow Christ, and sharing how Scripture helped him through those dark moments.

If you’ve ever struggled with doubt or questioned your faith, you’re not alone. Let Andy’s journey inspire and encourage yours. Afterwards, learn how you can overcome doubting yourself, God, and relationships in Andy’s new Video Plan, “Living With Doubt.”

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Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King: Cultivating a Heart of Mercy

You probably know Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King as the daughter of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You may also recognize her as an international orator and speaker, from appearances on CNN and BET, or from magazines such as People and Ebony. Today, Bernice’s work at The King Center and other organizations is transforming future generations to Think, Act, Live, and Lead by the Kingian Nonviolence principles modeled by her parents.

Cultivating a Heart of Mercy

is an all-new, 6-day Bible Plan, featuring exclusive video content from the Hard Questions, Heart Answers author. Through a series of inspiring video devotionals, Bernice shows us the relationship between justice and mercy, reveals the source of our power to forgive, and shares how we can redeem our own suffering to serve others.

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His Word Does Not Return Void: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King

In this YouVersion exclusive video, Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King shares how the power of God’s Word shaped her her life growing up as the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., and how we can tap into that same power today, in order to practice true justice towards others: by walking in mercy and humility.

When you start practicing in this vein — doing justice, and loving mercy — it invites God into the equation and gives Him room to operate.


Connect with Bernice:

Instagram: BRoyal12

Facebook: Be A King

Twitter: @BerniceKing

Website: Bernice A King

Building a Foundation: A New Bible Plan from Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams

Building a Foundation with Chad Johnson & Michelle Williams

You probably know Michelle Williams as the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter from musical supergroup Destiny’s Child. Michelle will soon be appearing with her fiancé Chad Johnson in a new TV series, Chad Loves Michelle, chronicling their life together on the path toward marriage. Chad is a pastor, a former chaplain to the LA Dodgers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Arizona Cardinals, and the founder of Elevate International, a non-profit serving urban youth and families.

In Building a Foundation, through a short series of video devotionals, together Chad and Michelle lead you through five biblical principles that form the foundation of a lifelong relationship that honors God and points others to Him.

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Connect with Chad and Michelle:

Instagram: chadandmichelle   michellewilliams

Website: Chad Loves Michelle

Facebook: Chad Johnson   Michelle Williams

Twitter: @PastorCJ   @RealMichelleW