The 2022 Christmas Challenge is here!

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With so much going on around us, we can often lose sight of why we celebrate Christmas.

This year, take time to reflect on Jesus’ birth by joining people around the world as they draw closer to God through the Christmas Challenge.

Complete any Christmas or Advent Plan in December, and you’ll earn the 2022 Christmas Challenge Badge!

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Celebrate Advent with these Bible Plans.


Advent is an opportunity to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s a time marked with remembrance for all God has done and anticipation for all He is going to do.

No matter what you’re feeling during this season, you can find rest and reassurance in the gift of Immanuel, “God with us.”

Reflect on the hope, peace, love, and joy of Jesus’ birth with these Advent Plans.

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Where do you find your worth?

Silhouette of person with sunset over water in background

Whether it’s work, relationships, or achievement, we often find our worth in the things and people around us.

But what happens when those things fail us?

When we put our faith in Jesus, He gives us a new identity.

And who He says we are never changes.

Discover what Scripture says about who we are in Christ with these Plans.

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Let’s Talk About Anxiety.

Person sitting

Whether it’s financial difficulty, a strained relationship, or an overwhelming workload, anxiety finds a way to creep into our lives.

It isn’t something to feel ashamed of—but you weren’t meant to keep sitting in it either.

God promises to walk alongside us and ease our burdens. Allow Him to fill you with His peace through these Plans.

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“Where is God when I feel alone?”

Person looking at water

Even when you feel alone, God is still with you.

But if God is near, why don’t you feel His presence or have His peace?

Elijah was a faithful servant of God, yet he struggled with loneliness. After defeating the false prophets of Baal, he was fearful, and hid in a cave scared, defeated, and completely alone.

But, God had not abandoned him.

If God feels distant, here are three reminders about his character from Elijah’s story.

  1. You can be honest with God about how you’re feeling.

    God appeared to Elijah and asked, “What are you doing here?”

    Elijah replied, “I am the only prophet left, and now they are trying to kill me too.

    Elijah was honest with God. He was scared for his life and doubted how God could use his situation for good.

    But his honesty did not scare or offend God.

    Like a close friend, God didn’t leave Elijah in his time of need. And, the same is true for you. Never will He leave you or forsake you.

  2. Even when you don’t feel Him, God is always with you.

    Elijah’s life was in danger, so he did the only thing he could think of—hide.

    When we are afraid, we can forget God’s promise to be with us and rely on our own strength to survive.

    Even when we forget God’s promise, He reminds us that He is near.

    God told Elijah to stand on the mountain. A powerful wind tore the mountain apart. After the wind, was an earthquake. After the earthquake, came a fire.

    But God wasn’t in the wind, earthquake, or fire.

    After the fire, came a gentle whisper. And it was in that moment that Elijah immediately knew that God was with him.

    We often look for God in the big moments in our lives, but He is also in the stillness.

  3. God reveals what you can’t see.

    Elijah believed he was the only one left who still believed in God.

    But God revealed that 7,000 in Israel did not bow in worship to Baal.

    Elijah felt like he was the only one, but God reminded him that he was not.

    Loneliness doesn’t always come from being alone. It can come from thinking you’re alone, too.

Like Elijah, maybe you’re in a place where you feel isolated, abandoned, or forgotten.

Just remember, you don’t have to feel God to know that He is near. God is always with you.

Do you feel alone? Draw close to God with these Plans and invite a friend to join you.

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