Make this your 2020 soundtrack:

Man listening on headphones

How do you get God’s Word deep inside you? By listening to it.

Whatever your daily routines look like, you can make hearing God’s Word a habit by having Scripture read to you. With “Read to Me” Plans, you can complete your daily devotional and Scripture readings without having to touch your screen.

Simply select a “Read to Me” Plan, press play, and let the truths in God’s Word speak to you –– wherever you go.

Get started with this list of Plans:

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Love listening to the Bible?

Try YouVersion Bible for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby:

Google Home

Ok Google … ask YouVersion Bible to read Psalms.

Amazon Echo

Alexa … ask YouVersion Bible to read my Plan.


Hi, Bixby … ask YouVersion Bible for the Verse of the Day.

What does God want for your family?


What’s God’s vision for your family?

Work, chores at home, social commitments… with so many demands on our time, sometimes it’s overwhelming thinking about how to lead our families spiritually. Here are some small ways you can start pursuing God together, in the natural rhythms of your family’s everyday life.

Dad kissing son

Start with you.

Single parenting, blended families, special needs children, praying for your kids: wherever you are, find wisdom and encouragement in this Plan collection on the Bible App.

Bible App for Kids Jesus

Little kids? Experience the big stories of the Bible, together.

Snuggle with your child and ask them to show you a Bible App for Kids story. (Ask them to show you how the app works, too.) Listen to what’s on your child’s mind.


Older kids? Get on their level.

Start a Bible Plan on a topic you’d like to talk about with your kids. Pick “With Friends,” and invite them to join you in the Bible App. Discuss each day right in the app, group text style, or even irl (in real life).


Something for everyone.

Find a Plan in the Bible App your whole family can do together. Set a regular time each day when one person can read from the devotional (like dinnertime), then talk about it together.

Bible Lens

See God in your life, together.

Take a picture with Bible Lens, or point it at a family photo you already have. Watch together as it finds verses that match your picture.

Whatever you choose, just remember…

You’re already leading your family spiritually. Each day, your children are learning what you value from the ways you spend your time. We can be intentional about the direction we lead our families… and engage them in the process.

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Take 2020 to the next level:

Life is better together

When you have questions about your faith, who do you talk to about them? Where do you go for answers?

You can make studying Scripture a daily habit that includes your community by starting a Plan with friends.

Getting Started

All the Plans listed here were created for you to complete with other people.

Better Together: Seeking God With Others

Just start a Plan, tap With Friends, and invite a friend (or two, or ten) to join you.

Creating Spiritual Community At Work

You’ll uncover truths in God’s Word that you might not have noticed on your own…

Praying In Community

…and get the tools you need to encourage others.

Collective: Finding Life Together

Watch how God can transform your life, and your community, by committing to going through Scripture together!

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Start 2020 with a Bible habit:

For I am about to do something new - Isaiah 43:19 - Verse Image

Make 2020 Your Year:

Want to transform your life this year? It starts by doing one small habit every day.

Get the biblical tools you need to build healthy habits by starting one of these Plans:

How to Start Reading the Bible

Each of these Plans are 3-7 days long – the perfect length to help you start the year strong.

Creatures of Habit: Prayer

Even if you miss a day every now and then, just pick up where you left off, and keep moving forward.


We believe God has great plans for you this year…

Stress-Free Living

… So, what are you waiting for?

Start one of these Plans now.

Start a Habit

Plants growing

Grow Your Bible Habit:

Whether this is your first time reading through the Bible or your 222nd time, these entire Bible Plans will help you become rooted in God’s Word.

Simply start one of these Plans, invite friends in your Bible App to cheer you on, and start seeking God every day.

Bible in One Year 2020
The Bible
Every Word, a Reader's 90-Day Guide to the Bible

The Best Plans of 2019 are…

Man looking into the distance

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Man looking into the distance

Finish the decade strong:

Complete one of the highest-rated Bible Plans of 2019 and prepare your heart for God’s plans for you in 2020:

The Will Of God
The Book Of James
Know Your Enemy
A 7-Day Guide To Prayer
Finding Freedom From Stress
God's Not Done With You
Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power
The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry

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