What was Jesus’ last week like?


LUKE 22:19

What is Holy Week?

It was the week before Jesus died. A week of Him sharing His final thoughts and goodbyes. One week of telling His disciples “I love you,” one last time.

It was a week filled with pain and promise, leading up to one final, agonized proclamation:

“It is finished.”

With one last breath, Jesus became our final sacrifice. And because of His power over death, we can now become wholly alive.

This Holy Week, set aside time each day leading up to Easter reflecting on what Jesus’ sacrifice means for you. Try a short Easter Plan to help you (and your family) set your mind on Christ.

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Need some peace? Start here.

We’re here for you.

Fear, sadness, anxiety, anger. It’s hard to make sound decisions when our emotions are compromised. Take care of your emotional health by actively seeking out peace, encouragement, and truth.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been carefully crafting free experiences designed to help people draw closer to God. Whatever you’re facing right now, we have several ways for you to seek Him:

Reflect on the Resurrection…

Easter Challenge

Easter is only two weeks away! How are you preparing for Resurrection Sunday?

Complete any Easter Plan between now and Easter, and you’ll earn the Easter Challenge badge. (To make the most of this Challenge, try inviting a few trusted friends to join you.)

Together, let’s reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice and turn our hearts toward the risen Christ.

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This week, let’s pray together

You are heard

God promises to hear the cries of His people when they call on Him. That’s why we’ll be sharing a Prayer of the Day with you each day this week, starting tomorrow.

Many people find the idea of prayer intimidating… but it was never meant to be this way. Prayer is simply an honest conversation between you and God that can include your community.

Today, get inspired to pray powerfully, consistently, confidently —and even dangerously — with these Plans on Prayer.

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Find Encouragement Through a Bible Plan on Hope.

There is
Good News

Be joyful in hope…

Romans 12:12

If you find yourself discouraged by the ever-changing news on the Coronavirus, disheartened by social media, or overwhelmed by financial difficulty, you’re not alone.

At times, it can seem like our world is falling apart, and we’re not sure where to turn.

Here’s some good news:

If you’re looking for hope and longing for joy,
it’s closer than you think.

Through Jesus’ resurrection, we’ve been given a living hope that anchors our souls even in the most difficult seasons.

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13

Looking for encouragement? Find hope through one of these Bible Plans, and invite a Friend to join you.

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