Introducing Daily Refresh

God wants to refresh our souls daily.

And, when we make it a habit to connect with Him, He can fill us with more peace, love, and joy.

Explore the all-new Daily Refresh inside YouVersion

Daily Refresh

Available with the latest app update, Daily Refresh curates timely and relevant Bible content in the Today tab of your Home Screen.

As you complete Daily Refresh, you can track your progress for the day and add to your Daily Refresh Streak—the number of consecutive days you’ve completed your Daily Refresh.

Daily Refresh Streak

The Daily Refresh Streak doesn’t replace your existing Streak—it’s just a new way to visualize your consistency in seeking God through YouVersion.


Get Your Daily Refresh Badge

Complete Daily Refresh and earn an exclusive Badge—and continue to level up your Badge as your momentum grows.

Daily Refresh Badge

Try Daily Refresh

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Introducing Verse of the Day Stories

Verse of the Day Stories icon


Verse of the Day


Enjoy a moment with God, every day.

Verse of the Day Stories is currently rolling out gradually.
Keep your Bible App updated to see Stories when it arrives.

Check for Update

Woman on phone

We recently launched YouVersion Prayer, designed to help us have honest conversations with God, in a time when we are all searching for answers. When you hear people talk about hearing from God, what do they mean? Maybe you’ve tried before to read from the Bible, but you found it hard to understand. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start…

Verse of the Day Stories

help you turn your heart and mind
toward God and His kingdom.

Take a moment to prepare your mind and heart to hear from God’s Word.

Quiet your

Divider bar

Take some deep breaths. Pray and ask God to speak to you.

Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. - Ephesians 4:1

Receive from
God’s Word.

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Read and reflect on Verse of the Day.

Video of Pastor Craig Groeschel

Get context
and insight.

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Watch a short video from leaders like Craig Groeschel, N.T. Wright, Dr. Tony Evans, Joyce Meyer, Levi Lusko, Kirk Franklin, and more.

What can you learn from this verse?

Think about
what you’re
thinking about.

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Meditate on today’s passage with a reflection question.

Plan suggestion

Own your own
spiritual growth.

Divider bar

Read a short devotional that expands on themes from today’s verse.

Lord, thank You for calling me to follow You! Help me to live my life in such a way that it brings honor to You and is a blessing to others.

Whose you are.

Divider bar

Pray again, and ask God to help you live out what He’s showing you.

Enjoy a moment with God, every day.

Verse of the Day


Verse of the Day Stories is currently rolling out gradually.
Keep your Bible App updated to see Stories when it arrives.

Check for Update

Verse of the Day Stories icon

Update now for your best Bible App for iPad experience ever.

Multitasking on iPad

Multitasking. Now you can have the Bible App open at the same time as other apps, all accessible on the same screen.

Devotional Videos on iPad

Better Video Experience. Video content in Plan devotionals now expands to a much larger size, taking advantage of your iPad’s big screen.

Split-View on iPad

Split-View. As you navigate through menus and tabs, the Bible App keeps you on the same screen, even as it cascades from one tap into the next.

Parallel Reading on iPad

Parallel Reading. This classic Bible App for iPad feature is now better than ever. Compare Bible versions side by side, and they stay synced as you scroll. We also improved navigation in Parallel mode, making it cleaner, smoother, and easier to use.

Bonus: Try out these same Parallel Reading features in landscape mode on your iPhone!

Navigation on iPad

Simpler Navigation. The menus and controls in Bible App for iPad now better match the experience you’re used to from your iPhone.

Update Now

Announcing Bible Lens in Spanish & Portuguese!

Person using Bible Lens

Bible Lens

Now in Spanish & Portuguese!

We hope you’ve already been hearing about Bible Lens, the newest free app from your friends at YouVersion, makers of the Bible App and Bible App for Kids. Bible Lens allows you to automatically and artistically see God’s Word in every picture you take.

Get Bible Lens

What is Bible Lens?

Snap a picture with Bible Lens, and it identifies objects, expressions, and more…

Analyze Photo

…searches the Bible for verses to match, then overlays one as beautiful, high-quality art.

Photo with verse overlay

If you want, Bible Lens can even find verses for photos you already have, whether you took them 5 days ago, or 5 years ago.

Person rediscovering images with Bible Lens

Bible Lens

Rediscover every moment.

Get Bible Lens

Verse Images: New Ways to Capture What Moves You

Verse Images

Verse Images let you capture your moments of inspiration as beautiful Bible art: to save, to remember, to reflect, and to share… all from inside the Bible App. And today, Verse Images are better than ever, with new background images, new fonts, new aspect ratios, and more!

If you’ve never made a Verse Image before, don’t worry — it’s easy! Simply tap the Read tab to start reading (or listening). When God’s Word moves you, tap the verse, then Image, then have some fun!

Pick your background.
Use a picture from your camera roll. Or try one of our stunning new high-res images.

Backgrounds Options
Font Options

Find your font.
Explore all the new fonts, and experiment with new line height and letter spacing.

Set your size.
New! Choose square or portrait

Size Options
Font Color Options

Choose your color.
Tap black or white, or make your own custom color.

Tweak your text.
Set it left, right, or center. You can even shape your text box to fit your background.

Text Position
Blur and Brightness Options

Finish up with focus.
Make your verse easier to read by adjusting blur and brightness.

Save your polished masterpiece…

To help you remember that moment, to reflect on God’s Word, and to share!

Make Yours Now