Introducing Daily Refresh

God wants to refresh our souls daily.

And, when we make it a habit to connect with Him, He can fill us with more peace, love, and joy.

Explore the all-new Daily Refresh inside YouVersion

Daily Refresh

Available with the latest app update, Daily Refresh curates timely and relevant Bible content in the Today tab of your Home Screen.

As you complete Daily Refresh, you can track your progress for the day and add to your Daily Refresh Streak—the number of consecutive days you’ve completed your Daily Refresh.

Daily Refresh Streak

The Daily Refresh Streak doesn’t replace your existing Streak—it’s just a new way to visualize your consistency in seeking God through YouVersion.


Get Your Daily Refresh Badge

Complete Daily Refresh and earn an exclusive Badge—and continue to level up your Badge as your momentum grows.

Daily Refresh Badge

Try Daily Refresh

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YouVersion Podcasts are here.

Update: Podcasts were removed from YouVersion in December 2022. The podcasts listed below are still available in other apps. To continue listening, find them in your favorite podcast app.


Ever read the Bible and feel like you aren’t “getting it”? Maybe you wish you had more historical context or you’re not sure how to process the difficult parts of Scripture.

With Podcasts, you can learn more about God’s Word with popular shows from our content partners—now right inside YouVersion.

Get started by checking out these episodes:

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New Device? Don’t Forget to Install YouVersion

Person on phone

Think about the new device you just can’t wait to use. These devices can make our lives easier and help us stay connected to the people we love. But your devices can also help you stay connected to God and His Word.

Get the tools you need to grow spiritually in 2022 by installing the apps that help you and your family seek God every day.

Bible App

Read or listen to the Bible, discover daily devotionals, share prayer requests with Friends, and more.


Bible App for Kids Jesus

Help children engage with 41 Bible stories through fun animations and immersive activities.


Wherever you go, let God’s Word go with you.

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Has God’s Word encouraged you this year?

Despite this year’s challenges, God changed millions of lives around the world in 2021 through His Word. And when you give an end of year gift to YouVersion, you help make sure that every person, speaking any language, can experience the life-transforming power of Jesus.

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Does our app icon look … different?

Meet Our Updated Bible Icon

Bible App icon through the years

You may have noticed that something looks a little different about our Bible icon. We use our app icon to clearly show the heart of YouVersion—God’s Word—and to help people easily recognize us in the App Store and on their devices.

Over the years, our app icon has evolved and we’ve just released our latest version.

Bible App icon chnages

Here’s why we’ve updated it…

We believe the Bible is always relevant. To help our Community see that Scripture is applicable no matter where they live or what they face, we focus on creating culturally relevant experiences—and staying in line with app design is part of that. By retaining the familiarity of the app and blending current app design trends, we believe more people will be drawn to download and open YouVersion—and ultimately grow closer to God. As we updated the icon, we deliberately used a few key design elements outlined below.

Introducing: YouVersion Red

Red has always been an important color to our brand because of its significance in Scripture: it is used to point out Jesus’ words, and it also represents His ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

YouVersion Red

The red that’s featured in our new icon’s bookmark is a custom-mixed shade that we’ve weaved throughout our app. When we created YouVersion Red, we wanted it to exemplify how we live out our mission: by being warm, bold, and real.

Bible App icon colors

Once we landed on YouVersion Red, we created a color palette for our icon that would complement this core color. But if you place YouVersion Red next to any color in the app, you’ll also discover that the other colors complement it perfectly.

While the bookmark might seem like a small part of our icon to focus on, it’s an important element: it represents a Bible that has been opened and studied— it represents the part you play in exploring God’s Word.

The Bible is central to everything we do, because intimacy with God is central to who we are. Our hope is that every time you look at the new app icon, you sense that.

We hope you’re reminded of the simplicity of the Gospel, the holiness of God’s Word, and that you feel personally invited to draw closer to God.

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