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Jessica Smith commented on a Prayer

“Freedom from Fear”

YouVersion Prayer - Comments

No matter what happens, tell God about everything. Ask and pray, and give thanks to him.


Just a few weeks ago, we told you about the Bible App’s newest feature, YouVersion Prayer. As we were developing this feature over the last several months, we had no idea how much we would all need it right now. In this difficult season, YouVersion Prayer is already helping people all over the world keep track of more than a million prayers (and counting).

If you’ve been using YouVersion Prayer as much as we have, then you already know how encouraging it is to see that your friends are praying for you, and seeing them post updates to their Prayers.

Today we’re announcing a new addition to YouVersion Prayer that lets us connect with each other even more: Comments.

Brothers and sisters, let’s pray for one another. And in addition, let’s also offer each other encouragement, help, and support.

Prayer Comments start rolling out gradually this week. Keep your Bible App updated to see it when it arrives.

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Looking for answers?

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We live in an uncertain world. But no matter what we face, God’s Word provides hope for our souls. If you’ve been wondering what the Bible has to say about your current situation, try searching for answers in your Bible App.

Just start typing in the Search (Search icon) bar to get suggestions for Scriptures, Verse Images, Plans, and more.

Once you find the answers you’re looking for, encourage your community by sharing on social media the hope you’ve found.

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Your church online, from inside the Bible App

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Have you used YouVersion Events inside the Bible App lately? When we built Events, we wanted to provide a way for church attenders to follow along with the message, engage with Scripture, take notes, and even save their own personalized copy for future reference. And Events can even recommend church services that are in your area.

But with so many churches shifting their services online, how can Events still help?

Church leaders, use Events to link to your online service.

Since Events admins can add various types of modules, we make it easy to add a link directly to online services—whether hosted on Facebook, YouTube, or even the free Church Online Platform.

Here’s how:

Go to events.bible.com and sign in with your YouVersion account (we recommend setting up a separate account for your church from your personal account).


Next, click “Create New Event” or edit an existing one. If setting up a new Event, enter your Event Name (we recommend the title of your current sermon), your church name, and a brief description of your church. You can even add an optional logo or image.

Locations & Times

Enter your church’s normal meeting location for the purpose of helping people in your area easily find your Event. Then, add the time(s) that you normally meet and want the Event to be visible in the Bible App.


Now you can create your Event with very customizable content modules.

During this time we strongly encourage you to start with an “External Link” module that directs people to your online message.

For example:

Link Label: This Week’s Message

Body: Tap to watch this week’s message then come back to take and save notes.

URL: <Paste a direct link to your online message video>

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You then can add other modules if you’d like, including Text, Bible Reference, Bible Plan, Image, Giving Link, Announcements or even other External Links.

Preview, Publish, and Share

Now you can preview your Event, publish it to the Bible App, and share the link with your community directly. And like all Events, your Event will show inside the Bible App to people in your area, giving them easy access to connect with your ministry, and engage with your online services.

Ready to publish your Event and link to your online messages?

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Help with Events


Reflect on the Resurrection…

Easter Challenge

Easter is only two weeks away! How are you preparing for Resurrection Sunday?

Complete any Easter Plan between now and Easter, and you’ll earn the Easter Challenge badge. (To make the most of this Challenge, try inviting a few trusted friends to join you.)

Together, let’s reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice and turn our hearts toward the risen Christ.

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Stay connected to
your friends.

The Bible is filled with stories of people celebrating together in good times… and helping each other through the hard times. You need relationships with close friends you can trust. And now, maybe more than ever, they need you.

Who do you know
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…encourage you?

“I was reading through the Psalms on my phone. I asked my husband if he minded if I read the chapter out loud in a couple of different translations. Since that day, we read a chapter or two together every night before we turn off the lights. It has totally changed the dynamics of our marriage.”
Debbie L.

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