Help Your Kids Understand Easter

A Happy Sunday

Sacrifice. Resurrection. Redemption. Renewal. These are difficult concepts to understand, even as an adult. How can we introduce them to our kids in the context of their own, childlike faith? We created four Bible App for Kids stories to help you do just that.

Father and son playing on tablet

Watch A Goodbye Meal, In the Garden, It is Finished, and A Happy Sunday with your kids, and experience the Easter story together in ways they can easily understand. The interactive animations will keep them engaged in each story. Each story’s fun activities will help them learn what Jesus’ sacrifice means for them.

Along the way, let your child’s questions guide your whole family in conversations about how you can follow Jesus together.

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Experience “The Chosen” on YouVersion!

The Chosen

The Chosen

Imagine Jesus is standing in front of you…

His hands are stretched out, touching the shoulder of a man afflicted by leprosy. But as He removes His hands, something unheard of happens—you watch the man’s skin grow back and his disease completely disappear. Suddenly, Scripture takes on a powerful new meaning because of your imagining.

But what if you didn’t have to imagine Jesus’ miracles? What if you could experience the life of Jesus for yourself through the eyes of people who met Him? The acclaimed series, The Chosen, has made that possible. After carefully studying Scripture, their team of highly-skilled creatives has brought to life a powerful, episodic retelling of Biblical events.

And now, for the first time ever, you can watch all eight, full-length Season 1 episodes from inside your YouVersion app.

Watch Jesus’ miracles and friendships come to life, and discover the early days of His ministry in a fresh way.

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What was Jesus’ last week like?

This is
Holy Week…

Jesus set apart the week before His crucifixion to remind His disciples that death wouldn’t win, and His Kingdom would never end. But because they didn’t understand what was coming, they didn’t realize He was also telling them “I love you” and “goodbye.”

Today, Holy Week is a reminder that God isn’t finished. Because even in those moments when our expectations crumble—hope is still coming. God is not done.

So starting this Palm Sunday, reflect on the life that you have because of Jesus’ sacrifice by completing an Easter Plan. (And, when you complete one of these Plans, you’ll also earn the Easter Challenge Badge.)

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Find rest when you need it.

Person resting

Find Peace through Rest

How are you feeling right now? No, really—how are you? Although the future still feels uncertain, God invites us to experience His peace.

So whether you are feeling restless, anxious, weary, hopeful—or even joyful—there is space for you here to find rest when you need it.

Let God renew your mind by meditating on Scripture with YouVersion Rest. Find peace while listening to a soothing voice read the Bible to you.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Get your Easter Challenge Badge!

Easter Challenge Badge

Here’s something to look forward to: Easter Sunday is just two weeks away.

Complete any Easter Plan between now and then, and you’ll earn the Easter Challenge Badge. When you start a Plan, invite a few friends to join you, and turn your thoughts toward the risen Christ together.

… keep looking to Jesus … He paid no attention to the shame of the cross … Then he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God … So think about him. Then you won’t get tired. You won’t lose hope.

HEBREWS 12:2-3

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