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Now Your Children Can Experience the Bible App for Kids in Belarusian!

Bible App for Kids

Today, together with our partner OneHope, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Bible App for Kids in Belarusian. Now, more children than ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Bible experience all their own.

Switching between languages is easy, right in the app’s Settings:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your app to the most current release.
  2. Open the app and tap the gear icon () to open Settings.
  3. Tap Language and select the one you want.

The audio will now play in that language, and any text will appear in that language, too!

Please help us celebrate this great news!

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Bible App for Kids Jesus

About the Bible App for Kids

Developed in partnership with OneHope, the Bible App for Kids is from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App. Designed to give children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own, the Bible App for Kids has already been installed on over 24 million Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, and it’s always completely free. Kids from all over the world are now enjoying the Bible App for Kids, in 39 languages — now including Belarusian!

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Prime Ways to Experience God’s Word

People sitting around a coffee table

Be inspired everywhere.

YouVersion makes it easy for you to integrate God’s Word into your everyday life, through the devices you’re already using and the new ones on their way. You can find the Bible App in all kinds of places: Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and of course on your phone.

Here are just a few ways to enjoy the Bible App on your favorite devices:

Amazon Echo & Google Home
Bible Videos
Verse Images

Get the Bible App

Bible App for Kids

Get the Bible App for Kids

3 Tips for Redeeming Your Family’s Screen Time

Family Bible Week 2018

“Can I play on your phone?”

—Every kid, pretty much

Our smartphones have more computing power than all of NASA had when they put the first man on the moon. Then why is it that we so easily lean on them as digital pacifiers? On this third day of Family Bible Week, we want to help you start redeeming your family’s screen time. Try at least one of these three tips today:

Kid using Bible App for Kids on tablet

Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word. Visit the Bible App for Kids companion website, where you can download the interactive app, find printable coloring pages, complete video episodes, and all sorts of activities you can enjoy together, all for free.


Family watching Bible videos

Plan a family movie night. Pop some popcorn, gather around the screen, and enjoy the story of Jesus’ life together. (Based on the New Testament book written by Jesus’ disciple John. 183 min.)

Watch “Life of Jesus” together.

Family on a walk

Get God’s Word speaking into your family’s everyday life, literally. Already have a daily routine? Great! Then you already have the perfect spot to start listening to the Bible together: over breakfast, driving to school, bedtime… “wherever you are.” To start listening, just select a Bible version that has a speaker icon next to its name.

Listen to the Bible together.

Get my commandments inside you and your children. Talk about them wherever you are: at home or in the street; talk about them from the time you get up until you fall into bed.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Family Bible Week 2018 Starts May 13

Family Bible Week 2018

Work. School. Handling clothes and meals and transportation — every day. And, let’s not forget somehow managing to get enough sleep. When it feels like life is just happening to your family, how can you begin leading them in the spiritual direction you actually want them to go?

That’s exactly why we created Family Bible Week: to help you get God’s Word speaking life, hope, and wisdom into your family. Beginning Sunday, May 13, we’ll start sharing:

  • Great Plans that will help your family enjoy Scripture together
  • Simple Tips that can transform your family — with a love that will inspire other families
  • Practical Strategies for investing in your family with vision that will impact future generations

Spread the word: Family Bible Week is back!

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