Don’t miss your chance to take part in this move of God.

Bible For Everyone

A friend introduces you to a young woman from another country. As you get to know one another, you mention your faith. She has questions, so you show her the Bible on your phone. When you switch to a version that’s easier to read, she asks if the Bible comes in other languages, too. You know the Bible App offers over 1,200 languages, so you’re excited to look for one for her. But then, you discover a terrible truth:

I’m sorry… the Bible doesn’t exist in your language.

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone…”

Mark 16:15

These were some of the last words Jesus said before He ascended into Heaven. And yet today, two thousand years later, more than a billion people still don’t have a complete Bible in their language. Most languages don’t have a complete New Testament. And more than 165 million people don’t have even one Bible verse in their language.

Today, we’re inviting you to join us: Let’s fulfill that mission.

Smartphones can give us turn-by-turn directions, help us take amazing pictures, and (of course) even read the Bible to us. Now, just as YouVersion uses technology to help you connect with God in His Word, our Bible translation partners are leveraging technology to offer that same opportunity to everyone else.

…before people can pray to the Lord for help, they must believe in him. And before they can believe in the Lord, they must hear about him.…

Romans 10:14

The plan is set.

Translating the Bible into another language used to take decades. But visionary organizations that make up the illumiNations movement now project that with enough funding, they could have the New Testament translated for 99.9 percent of the world’s population by the year 2033. Incredibly, they should also be able to get the rest of the Bible translated for 95 percent of the world within that same timeframe (and at least some portion of Scripture for everyone else).1

We’re all in.

Last year YouVersion created #BibleForEveryone, a translation initiative where we work with partners to identify strategic projects that could, with modest additional funding, rapidly provide Scripture to huge numbers of people. In addition, Life.Church committed to match any contributions the global YouVersion Community makes toward Bible translation, up to $1 million.2

It’s already working.

During 2017, Life.Church and YouVersion’s generous community together contributed more than $640,000. The three projects they funded provided Scripture to more than 1.17 million people, in Zambia, Tanzania, and Southeast Asia!3

Now, this is your chance.

Click below to help churches in Gabon, Africa translate the Gospel of Luke into three languages (Kota, Obamba, and Teke). To get Scripture circulating in their communities as quickly as possible, each time a new chapter is translated, local churches plan to share it as audio recordings and print booklets. When this project is complete, they’ll compile it into a book — and of course we’ll offer it in the Bible App — and 280,000 Gabonese people will have the opportunity to recognize themselves in these words of Jesus:

…the father said to his servants, “Hurry! Bring the best clothes and put them on him. Also, put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.… My son was…lost, but now he is found!”

Luke 15:22-24

Give Now

Don’t miss it.

This isn’t just some vision for a distant future. It’s Bible history, happening right now, within your lifetime. What will happen when every person on earth finally has the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word? Join us, and let’s find out, together.

Get in now on this worldwide move of God.

Pray, and ask God to continue accelerating the process of releasing His Word into every language. Ask Him to prepare the hearts of those who will be hearing about Him for the first time. And give. Then one day, you’ll have the great joy of standing before God’s throne and seeing people that your gift helped bring there:

After this I looked, and there in front of me was a multitude that no one could count, people from every tribe and every nation.

Revelation 7:9


1 See illumiNations’ website for details.

2 All contributions received through the #BibleForEveryone campaign will be used exclusively for the purpose of Bible translation. Life.Church is contributing $1 million over the four-year period from 2017-2020. During each calendar year, Life.Church is contributing $250,000, spread across different, high-impact translation projects. As each project is completed, any remaining funds are then applied toward the next translation project, as selected by YouVersion and its partners. (See original blog post for full details.)

3 Original blog posts: Zambia, Tanzania, Southeast Asia.

Video: Players from the Big Game this Weekend Talk about the Bible App

Sunday, February 4, will be the biggest day of the year in American sports. And, although the top two teams in football are facing off as rivals on the field, several players from both sides share a love for the Bible. Now, thanks to YouVersion partner The Increase, listen to some of the players from today’s game share why they love the Bible App.

For our team it’s been huge. The ability to have that accountability… it’s solid.

Jordan Hicks, Philadelphia Eagles

You have to be in your Word every day. With YouVersion, there’s really no excuse.

Matthew Slater, New England Patriots

Now find your inspiration… straight from the source.

Professional Football Players on Humility & Surrender

Professional Football Players on Humility & Surrender
WorldServe International, 15 days

In this video devotional from Carson Wentz’s A01 Foundation (Audience of One), Wentz and friends Trey Burton, Nick Foles, Zach Ertz, Chris Maragos, Jordan Matthews, and more share the passages they rely on to help them walk daily in full surrender to the Lordship of Jesus.

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Sports Spectrum 2017 Pro Football Devotional

Sports Spectrum 2017 Pro Football Devotional
Pro Athletes Outreach (Sports Spectrum), 5 days

See pro football stars Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill, Matthew Slater, Matt Forte and Demario Davis share their faith in short daily videos — on such topics as connecting with God through His Word, praying, salvation, baptism, and more — followed by devotional reflections from author and speaker Randy Alcorn.

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Audience of One with Carson Wentz

Audience of One with Carson Wentz
Audience of One, 4 days

In this 4-day video devotional from professional football quarterback Carson Wentz, the rising star shares his life’s mission: to live for “an audience of one.”

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Facing Struggles with Confidence

Facing Struggles with Confidence
Biblica, 3 days

Find encouragement as former Chicago Bears player Rashied Davis shares the story of how he overcame his struggles and his fear of failure by focusing on the promises of God.

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Professional Football and the Bible

Professional Football and the Bible
Museum of the Bible, 10 days

Discover the role that the Bible has played in the lives of some of the most iconic coaches and players in NFL championship history, from legendary greats such as Vince Lombardi, Mike Singletary, and Tony Dungy to more recent stars such as Ray Lewis, Russell Wilson, and Virgil Green.

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More Sports Plans

Spread the Word.

Just like you, these guys love using the YouVersion Bible App to make God’s Word a key part of their everyday lives. And we’ve made it super-easy for you to use this video to share your passion for the Bible — and football! — with your friends:

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November 12th is International Day of the Bible

Let’s celebrate together!

Wherever you are at noon (your local time) on November 12th, take time to read or listen to passages from the Bible together with friends. Share the verses that encourage or inspire you on social media, and use the hashtag #BibleCelebration to help your Friends and followers discover this special day.

For your convenience, we’ve even included some example text below, along with a shareable Verse Image of the theme Scripture for International Day of the Bible:

Verse Image of Habakkuk 2:14

Be sure you spend a few moments today in God’s Word for International Day of the Bible.

Download Verse Image

Share the Bible

What would happen if you gave a Bible to someone today? We believe that God’s Word is alive and has the power to transform lives.

Just share to give away as many Bibles as you can today.

International Day of the Bible Logo

Connect with
International Day
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International Day of the Bible




Bible Plans Especially for Veterans

To all who have served: Thank you.

In addition to the godly wisdom that the Bible can provide for our everyday problems, it also offers hope and healing for the the more significant challenges often faced by veterans. No matter what’s going on in your life, by giving you just a little to read (or listen to) each day, Bible Plans can help you hear from God’s Word.

To honor veterans today on this their special day, we’ve assembled this special collection of Plans, each one developed specifically for those who have served:

Our Daily Bread: Military Edition

Hope After Trauma
Battles and Front Lines Devotional by Rita Springer

Explore All Plans

Hear what listening to the Bible did for a veteran suffering from PTSD.

See how the power of God’s Word transformed life for one veteran and his family, as one simple practice helped him overcome the Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury that had been haunting him ever since his return home from combat.

🎬 Experience the Book that shapes history

Museum of the Bible Video

The Book that Shapes History

The Bible is one of the most iconic books in human history. Our friends at Museum of the Bible set out to tell the story of the world’s greatest book in three minutes, illustrating the Bible as the common thread that connects history.

We invite you to watch as the film weaves together the Bible through twelve influential historic events. Then share the video with your friends and let them know how the Bible has become part of your story.

Watch Now

The Influence of the Bible

When the Museum of the Bible opens in Washington, D.C. this November, it will provide guests with an immersive and personalized experience as they explore the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible.

Did you know?

Free General Admission
is available now.
Reserve your tickets today!

Start your exploration today through one of these Bible Plans, helping you reflect on the Scriptures and revealing the influence and reach of His story:

Experience The Book That Shapes History

Experience The Book That Shapes History
11 days

Experience the Book that shapes history in this 11-day plan from Museum of the Bible. You’ll dive into some of the most influential and historic events that illustrate how the Bible has been a common thread throughout human history.

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Before You Visit the Museum of the Bible
The Founding Fathers & The Bible
Movies and the Bible
Poetry And The Bible
Heroes Of The Bible
Rockin' Through The Psalms With The 'King'
College Basketball And The Bible

Explore All Plans