Will you join us before the end of the year?

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Together, let’s reach everyone, everywhere, every day.

Imagine if everyone around the world had access to God’s Word—no matter their location, language, or circumstance.

When you give to YouVersion, you help us get Scripture to people even faster.

As a valued part of our YouVersion Community, you can help even more people experience the life-changing power of Scripture through the Bible App right now.

Give Now

Share the hope you have with the world by giving a special gift before the end of the year.

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The most meaningful gift you can give this year is God’s Word!

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What’s the best gift you’ve received?

As Christmas approaches, we get to celebrate the best gift ever—the gift of Jesus.

Scripture tells us that we did nothing to earn or deserve this gift. God demonstrated generosity by freely sending Jesus to us.

But there are still people who haven’t experienced the hope that comes from reading God’s Word.

This Christmas, you have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus by giving God’s Word to others.

When you give a gift before the end of the year, you’re helping more people get free, unlimited access to the hope of God’s Word through the Bible App.

Give a Special Gift

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Thank you for helping us reach our goal this Giving Tuesday!

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We’re grateful for our Community!

We are amazed at what God can do through the generosity of our global Community when we all come together.

This year, we had over 78,000 people give during Giving Tuesday!

Together, we exceeded the US$2 million match.

By giving to YouVersion, you help get the Bible to even more people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. People like Yamil, who say:

“The app as a whole has been nothing short of a spiritual anchor in my life. It provides both solace and guidance, always pointing me towards deeper communion with God.”


We are so thankful for a Community that chooses to live generously and be part of this Giving Tuesday movement!

And, we believe God is still going to do infinitely more to reach people around the world.

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Let’s reach millions this Giving Tuesday!

Parents and child

God can do more with your generosity than you imagine

When you give a gift today, it could double.

Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar given by our Community this Giving Tuesday will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to US$2 million total. So if we reach US$2 million today, it automatically becomes US$4 million!

Whether it’s US$10, US$25, or US$100, whatever you’re able to give will have twice the impact, helping millions of people around the world experience God’s Word.

Imagine what could happen if everyone in our Community gave a gift today!

Give Now

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How far can your dollar go?

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Did you know this is happening?

More people than ever before are experiencing the power of God’s Word through the Bible App—and you can be part of it by becoming a monthly YouVersion giver!

When you give, you help:

  • Continue to get the Bible to every country
  • Translate Scripture into every language in the world by 2033
  • Millions of people read God’s Word every day

When you set up a recurring gift of US$20 today, you help get the Bible App to people all over the world!

So … how far will your dollar go?

Set Up a Recurring Gift

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