A Prayer for Connection

Man praying

Dear God,

Being alone is hard. We were created for community, not confinement.

But we’re grateful that no matter how alone we may feel, You never leave or forsake us. And, we’re grateful for technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.

Today, please remind us that this time of social distancing and isolation will not last forever.

Give us the strength to endure this difficult season, and deepen our connection with You and Your people.

Empower us with an extra dose of Your love, peace, hope and joy, because we need it. Remind us of Your promises, and please heal our land.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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This week, let’s pray together

You are heard

God promises to hear the cries of His people when they call on Him. That’s why we’ll be sharing a Prayer of the Day with you each day this week, starting tomorrow.

Many people find the idea of prayer intimidating… but it was never meant to be this way. Prayer is simply an honest conversation between you and God that can include your community.

Today, get inspired to pray powerfully, consistently, confidently —and even dangerously — with these Plans on Prayer.

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A Prayer for Healing

Man praying

Our God,

Your Word says that You answer people when they call on Your name, and that You deliver them.

Right now, we ask that You would heal those who are sick or who are carrying the COVID-19 virus without knowing it. Heal them and protect those around them.

Provide a cure for the Coronavirus and heal our economy. Bring a quick and miraculous end to the darkness in our world.

Whether Your healing comes today, next week, or next month, we believe that You will heal our world. And we will continue to praise You, even as we wait for answers. Please deliver us.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Join us in Prayer today.

Don’t worry about anything…

Pray about everything - Philippians 4:6

No matter what we face, we don’t have to live in fear. In uncertain times, we can seek our unchanging God. One of the ways we can seek God is through prayer—which is simply an ongoing, honest conversation with God.

Prayer can absolutely change our circumstances, but most of all, it changes us. No matter what happens around us, God is always with us.

Not sure where to start? Pray with us:

Lord, thank You that You promise to deliver us from all our fears. Thank You for promising to never leave us or forsake us. We seek You above everything else, and praise You for who You are. Fill us with Your peace, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Invite Friends to pray with you, and seek God together in community. Look for the Prayer feature in the Home feed of your Bible App:

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Anxious or afraid? Here’s what God says:

What are you anxious about?

Look around and you’ll quickly see that our world is filled with instability and uncertainty. Every day seems to bring with it another disheartening news headline or unanswered question. In the midst of life’s struggles, how do we hold onto hope?

We fix our eyes on Jesus.

God promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. As we seek His heart, we find hope for our souls and strength to face whatever is in front of us. Our situation may not change, but when we spend time in God’s Word, our perspective shifts.

When you call on me,
when you come and pray to me, I’ll listen.

Jeremiah 29:12

If you’re looking for more encouragement, try one of these Plans about anxiety and fear. Allow God to comfort you and fill you with His peace.

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A Prayer for Peace…

Lord God, life is hard and uncertain, but we know that You are in control and that nothing is impossible for You. Thank You for promising to never leave or forsake us. And thank You for promising to complete the good work that You started within us.

Nothing we go through ever surprises You. Please give us Your strength so that we can endure the situations we can’t control. Help us to trust You when we don’t understand. Fill us with the confident hope that You will see us through life’s storms, even if You don’t immediately rescue us from them.

God, You have said, “Seek my face.” And we are seeking Your face, God. We want to worship You, Jesus. Please answer us quickly as we call to You. Heal our land, and fill us with Your peace.

In Jesus’ name.