What’s on your mind during Lent?

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Work. School. Relationships. Health issues. Bills. (All of these.) With so much going on in our lives, it’s easy to be distracted from the things we actually want our lives to be about.

…set your heart on what is in heaven, where Christ rules at God’s right side. Think about what is up there, not about what is here on earth.


That sounds great!

Now… how do I do that?

Between now and Easter Sunday, invest just a few minutes each day in meeting with God in His Word: the Bible. Then off and on throughout the day, think back on what those words mean in your life. Worldwide, this season is known as Lent. And millions of people will be joining you, making Jesus first in their hearts.

Start here:

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21-Day Challenge results are in!

(Spoiler alert: You crushed it.)

21-Day Challenge

During the last three weeks, the worldwide YouVersion Community united to complete over 80 million Plan days — an all-time Challenge record! The time we shared in God’s Word drew us all closer to each other. More importantly, it drew us closer to Him.

To everyone who took part in 21-Day Challenge 2019: Thank you.

Starting was the hardest part.

Make sure everything is checked

Now, just maintain your momentum.

Each Plan day you completed for the Challenge was another link in the chain of your Bible habit. Keep your goals small and simple. For example, try chasing Perfect Weeks. String them together, Sunday to Sunday, one after another. With thousands of Plans to keep you going, you’ll always be just a few clicks away from your next new favorite:

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If you successfully completed the Challenge:

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In the Bible App, go to your profile and select Badges. If you don’t see your 21-Day Challenge badge yet, don’t panic! 😊 It will take a few days for everyone’s badges to show up.

What You Said: LOVE Quiz Results

Over 160,000 people participated in YouVersion’s first-ever “Love Quiz”! Here are your top answers to our three questions:

The Love Quiz - Results: God, The Bible, Pray

Top Bible Plans for You

When you took the quiz, we suggested specific Plans for you, based on your answers. When we tallied the final results, these were the three Plans that we ended up recommending the most often:

Unlimited Love
Because He Loves You
7 Day Prayer Challenge

Whether you’ve been seeking Godly wisdom for a long time, or you’re just beginning your journey, we have more Plans that can help you along the way.

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Where does true love come from?

The Love Quiz

Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with “Love.” Movies, TV shows, music, apps, social media, books, culture… it seems like everyone has thoughts they want to share with us about love. Offering advice, dealing out gossip, even trying to sell us stuff. It’s like that old saying:

“Love is all around us.”

Of course we all want love. If you’re really lucky, you find it with family. Or with friends. We all want someone we can love who will love us back equally (maybe even some-one in particular). But:

What if we’ve been chasing love…from the wrong direction?

A teacher of the law once asked Jesus what one thing was the most important. Jesus answered him with two things, and in this order: “Love God,” then “love other people.” (Matthew 22:36-40)

And what even is love… really?

Is love a feeling, an emotion? Is love an idea, a thought? Is love physical, biological, chemical, spiritual? To truly love well, and in fact, to even understand love, you have to follow it back to its original source:

“…God is love.”

1 JOHN 4:8

How do you do that? You can find God’s heart in His inspired word. We can help. Take our quiz, and we’ll show you where to look first:

Players from the Big Game Tell Why They Love the Bible App: Video

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s February 3, the biggest day of the year in American sports. Even though the top two teams in football will face off as rivals on the field this weekend, several players from both sides share a love for the Bible. Now, thanks to YouVersion partner The Increase, you can hear what some of the players from today’s game have to say about the YouVersion Bible app.

Looking through the Bible, sometimes I put myself in that person’s shoes… You see where you’ve had shortcomings. But you also see where you’ve had grace.


The only absolute truth that there is, is God’s Word.


Now, take the field and find your inspiration:

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Pro Football Devotional
Rise Devotional For Competitors
Professional Football And The Bible
4 Short Leadership Devos For All Teams

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Spread the Word.

Just like you, these guys love using the YouVersion Bible App to make God’s Word a key part of their everyday lives. And we’ve made it super-easy for you to use this video to share your passion for the Bible — and football! — with your friends:

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