Verse Images: New Ways to Capture What Moves You

Verse Images

Verse Images let you capture your moments of inspiration as beautiful Bible art: to save, to remember, to reflect, and to share… all from inside the Bible App. And today, Verse Images are better than ever, with new background images, new fonts, new aspect ratios, and more!

If you’ve never made a Verse Image before, don’t worry — it’s easy! Simply tap the Read tab to start reading (or listening). When God’s Word moves you, tap the verse, then Image, then have some fun!

Pick your background.
Use a picture from your camera roll. Or try one of our stunning new high-res images.

Backgrounds Options
Font Options

Find your font.
Explore all the new fonts, and experiment with new line height and letter spacing.

Set your size.
New! Choose square or portrait

Size Options
Font Color Options

Choose your color.
Tap black or white, or make your own custom color.

Tweak your text.
Set it left, right, or center. You can even shape your text box to fit your background.

Text Position
Blur and Brightness Options

Finish up with focus.
Make your verse easier to read by adjusting blur and brightness.

Save your polished masterpiece…

To help you remember that moment, to reflect on God’s Word, and to share!

Make Yours Now

3 Tips for Redeeming Your Family’s Screen Time

Family Bible Week 2018

“Can I play on your phone?”

—Every kid, pretty much

Our smartphones have more computing power than all of NASA had when they put the first man on the moon. Then why is it that we so easily lean on them as digital pacifiers? On this third day of Family Bible Week, we want to help you start redeeming your family’s screen time. Try at least one of these three tips today:

Kid using Bible App for Kids on tablet

Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word. Visit the Bible App for Kids companion website, where you can download the interactive app, find printable coloring pages, complete video episodes, and all sorts of activities you can enjoy together, all for free.


Family watching Bible videos

Plan a family movie night. Pop some popcorn, gather around the screen, and enjoy the story of Jesus’ life together. (Based on the New Testament book written by Jesus’ disciple John. 183 min.)

Watch “Life of Jesus” together.

Family on a walk

Get God’s Word speaking into your family’s everyday life, literally. Already have a daily routine? Great! Then you already have the perfect spot to start listening to the Bible together: over breakfast, driving to school, bedtime… “wherever you are.” To start listening, just select a Bible version that has a speaker icon next to its name.

Listen to the Bible together.

Get my commandments inside you and your children. Talk about them wherever you are: at home or in the street; talk about them from the time you get up until you fall into bed.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Family Bible Week 2018 Starts May 13

Family Bible Week 2018

Work. School. Handling clothes and meals and transportation — every day. And, let’s not forget somehow managing to get enough sleep. When it feels like life is just happening to your family, how can you begin leading them in the spiritual direction you actually want them to go?

That’s exactly why we created Family Bible Week: to help you get God’s Word speaking life, hope, and wisdom into your family. Beginning Sunday, May 13, we’ll start sharing:

  • Great Plans that will help your family enjoy Scripture together
  • Simple Tips that can transform your family — with a love that will inspire other families
  • Practical Strategies for investing in your family with vision that will impact future generations

Spread the word: Family Bible Week is back!

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😎 Perfect Weeks? Perfect.

Perfect Weeks

Turn Streaks into Perfect Weeks.

Streaks motivate and encourage you to feed yourself every day. It feels great seeing that number climb, doesn’t it? It just grows and grows, each day you open the Bible App to seek God in His Word. But sometimes we miss a day, and then, disaster!

But that’s okay. Update your app, and every time you complete a Streak of seven days from Sunday to Saturday, your Perfect Weeks number will increase by one… and then never go down. Now, even when the inevitable hiccup breaks your current Streak, you won’t lose your record of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

We want to help you build your daily Bible practice, by stringing together longer and longer Streaks. Perfect Weeks let you do that, one week at a time. So update your app now, and start collecting — and keeping — all your Perfect Weeks.

Update Now

YouVersion’s 2018 21-Day Challenge: Get your Bible habit going!

21-Day Challenge

If you’re like most people who download the Bible App, you installed it because you believe that reading God’s Word is important, and you intend to read it more. One of the best ways we’ve found to start a daily Bible practice is to complete one short Plan after another in the Bible App.

That’s what our annual 21-Day Challenge is all about: helping you start building a daily habit of connecting with God’s Word.

Spread the Word.

Invite your friends to join you in the Bible App for this year’s 21-Day Challenge! And, when you share about it on social media, be sure you include the hashtag #BibleFor21.

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Official Rules

The 21-Day Challenge begins, February 1, 2018, and runs through February 21, 2018.

To be eligible for a badge and for the prize drawing, you must complete at least one day’s reading (or listening) of at least one Plan, every day for 21 days.

If you already started a Plan before February 1, just keep going, and do not miss any days.

You do not have to do a Plan that lasts 21 days. You can do Plans of any length, even if they’re longer or shorter than 21 days. Simply make sure that you complete at least one day of at least one Plan for every one of the 21 days.

Each time that you complete a day, make sure that all of that day’s selections are checked as completed.

Make sure everything is checked

If you complete all 21 days (without missing any days), you will receive a 2018 21-Day Challenge badge in your Bible App profile:

2018 21-Day Challenge Badge

To view your Badges: In the Bible App, go to your profile and select Badges.

Out of everyone who completes all 21 days (without missing any days), we will randomly select one grand prize winner.1

Prize Pack

The grand prize will include fun YouVersion items like a T-shirt, stickers, mug—and even a brand-new Google Home Mini!

1 Prizes are subject to change or substitution based on availability. Winners will be contacted with details about how to receive their prizes. Some items not available for shipping internationally.

Now, let’s get you started.

If this is your first challenge, we recommend you start with a shorter Plan, then just keep completing one short Plan after another. Take it one day at a time, and, as your habit grows, gradually ease into longer and longer Plans.

If you haven’t already selected your first Plan for the Challenge, getting started is easy: just tap the button below to start looking for a Plan you like. Then, whichever Plan you choose to start, consider inviting a friend (or several) to join you!

Discover Plans