Bug inadvertently allows access to NBV Bible on YouVersion

Recently, an error was discovered on our YouVersion platforms which was inadvertently allowing access to the NBV Bible version (De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling), which is translated and funded by the Netherlands Bible Society. We have promptly removed it from our platforms and are working to fix the error which allowed it to be made available.

We sincerely apologize to our users who may have found this version live and any disruption it may have caused to remove it from our platform. We value our relationship with the Netherlands Bible Society and their tremendous effort to offer the Dutch community with so many wonderful translations of the Bible. We are also extremely grateful for their inclusion of the popular NBG51 Bible version, made available on YouVersion.

To continue using the NBV, we recommend connecting with the Netherlands Bible Society and taking advantage of their many free resources made available online and in print.

Of course, YouVersion’s mission remains, as always, to help people all over the world fully engage with the Bible, which would not be possible without the strong relationships through partners like the Netherlands Bible Society.