Let’s celebrate the gift of Jesus!

Verse Image - Isaiah 9:6

God is with us!

From all of us at YouVersion, we wish you joy and peace this Christmas day. And, as you celebrate the gift of our Lord and Savior, we hope you’ll take many opportunities to share his love.

…if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it. But do this in a gentle and respectful way.

1 PETER 3:15-16

The Bible calls Jesus, “Immanuel: God with us.” What great news! Share by tapping the image above, or create your own Verse Image in the Bible App or in Bible Lens. And may you have a very merry Christmas!


Watch “The Story of Christmas”

Family watching Bible videos

This holiday season, start a new tradition with friends and family: watch The Story of Christmas together! In this special collection of short videos from Lumo—just over ten minutes, all together—you can enjoy the entire Nativity story, as told in the Gospels.

Look for The Story of Christmas in the Videos section of the Bible App on your mobile device, at Bible.com, or on the Bible App for Apple TV.

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Christmas is almost here. ⭐️ Let’s celebrate!

Bible App on phone with Christmas lights in background

For weeks, we’ve been preparing our hearts in hopeful expectation, and now Christmas is just one week away. Celebrate with us as we reflect on God’s perfect gift to us: his only son, Jesus. As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, we know you’ll enjoy connecting with God’s Word through these vivid reminders of the hope and joy we have in Christ.

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story
YouVersion, 5 Days

Read or listen to the complete biblical account of Christ’s birth, from prophecies about the Savior to come, to his humble beginnings in a stable, all the way to Emmanuel: the God who is with us.

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Child playing Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids:
The First Christmas Gift

Celebrate Jesus’ arrival with fun, touch-activated animations and colorful artwork. The children in your life will love exploring all 41 stories in the Bible App for Kids. You’ll love how the activities Story Mixup, Story Memory Match, and Story Sticker Time help them remember the things they’re learning. YouVersion developed the Bible App for Kids in partnership with OneHope to give children a Bible experience all their own. Already installed on more than 26 million devices worldwide, the Bible App for Kids is available in 42 languages — and it’s always completely free.

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Now Your Children Can Experience the Bible App for Kids in Hebrew!

Bible App for Kids

Today, together with our partner OneHope, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Bible App for Kids in Hebrew. Now, more children than ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Bible experience all their own.

Switching between languages is easy, right in the app’s Settings:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your app to the most current release.
  2. Open the app and tap the gear icon () to open Settings.
  3. Tap Language and select the one you want.

The audio will now play in that language, and any text will appear in that language, too!

Please help us celebrate this great news!

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About the Bible App for Kids

Developed in partnership with OneHope, the Bible App for Kids is from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App. Designed to give children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own, the Bible App for Kids has already been installed on over 26 million Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, and it’s always completely free. Kids from all over the world are now enjoying the Bible App for Kids, in 42 languages — now including Hebrew!

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YouVersion just had its biggest year ever.

We launched the Bible App in 2008 with just 15 Bibles, in two languages. Now, thanks to the generosity of visionary partners, the Bible App is privileged to offer more than 1,800 versions, with content in over 1,250 languages.

All over the world, more and more people are turning to the Bible to hear what God wants to say to them. When you give to YouVersion, you’re helping us connect them with God’s Word, in every country on earth.


2018 Stats

2018 was the worldwide YouVersion community’s most Bible–engaged year ever.

This is personal.

Why are we so passionate about sharing God’s Word? Because each one of us at YouVersion has experienced the gift of God’s love through his Word. And, because you use the Bible App, that makes you a part of what God is doing.

Consider taking another step in your Bible App journey. “Remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35)



Every person on earth has a face… has a name… has a story.

What would happen if every person who wanted a Bible could have one?

We’re leveraging technology to help this generation become the most Bible-engaged people in history. Because reading or listening to Scripture has the power to change lives. When you give to YouVersion, you help us connect more people with God’s Word, in places seeing unprecedented Bible engagement, like Nepal, Chile, Romania, and Japan.

Imagine a world where every person can instantly engage with God’s Word in their own language. In the history of our planet, nothing like that has ever been possible before. But now, not only is this dream possible, it’s within reach…during our lifetimes.

Let’s find out, together.