YouVersion Now Available on Android!

We are excited to announce the debut of the YouVersion Bible App for the Android Mobile Phone…also know as the Google Phone. Users of the Android Mobile Phone can download it now for free from Google’s built-in App Store called Market Place. The Bible App, which is also available for Blackberry, iPhone, and web-enabled mobile phones, includes many of the features you’re familiar with from, like the reader, search, daily reading, bookmarking, and user contributions. Here’s a quick look:

You can choose from 40 different translations and 21 languages in the Bible App. Now, the ease of use you’ve come to expect from is at your fingertips on your Android Mobile phone. Explore Scripture, expand your perspective, and experience community—all for free—by downloading the Bible App today.

Updates Pushed to

The Digerati Team has been working hard and we’ve just released some great new updates for YouVersion, especially for Live. Here is a quick list of the updates just pushed:

  • In YouVersion Groups you can now transfer Group Ownership from one account to another.
  • Users can now leave a Group they’ve joined.
  • Several fixes to search bugs when searching for Events
  • And we’ve continued to make the site simpler and easier to use in the new Groups and Events areas.

We also just released the second “Why do you Love YouVersion?” video on our Facebook Page, be sure to check it out and leave a comment!

Enjoy The Message Offline on Your iPhone

Like The Message translation of the Bible? Now you can read it offline in your Bible app for iPhone/iPod Touch. To get it, you’ll need to have version 2.0 of the Bible app, so go ahead and install it if you haven’t already. Once you do, here’s how to get the offline version:

  • Open the Bible app on your iPhone or iPod Touch (with a wifi connection) and go to the “More” tab.
  • Tap “Settings,” then “Offline Translations,” then scroll to find The Message in the list of available offline translations.
  • Once you’ve selected The Message, tap “Download.” The Message translation should begin downloading immediately. (You’ll see a bar showing you the progress of the download in real-time.)

Now that you have The Message downloaded to your device, you’ll be able to read the Bible anytime and anywhere as long as you have your downloaded translation selected. It’s perfect for when you’re in remote areas with no connection or on airplanes and subways while traveling.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to NavPress for allowing us to offer The Message as an offline translation. Their generosity shows their heart to increase access to the Bible for people around the world.

And don’t forget that several other translations are available offline as well, including the New Century Version, New King James Version, New English Translation, God’s Word Translation, and many more (including several other languages). Just follow the directions above, and you’ll see all your choices.

Thanks for using YouVersion to interact with the Bible!

Updates to YouVersion Groups, Events and Live

Yesterday the YouVersion Team pushed updates to the newly launched Groups and Live areas. For Groups you will now see easy links to go back in and edit your Events after you have set them up. You will also be able to access your Event Dashboard which is where you can view responses to Prayer Requests, Questions and the large screen display for your Polls. And in general you should be able to find your way around better in the Groups and Live areas.

There have also been a number of behind the scenes improvements to help speed up YouVersion and help it scale under all the heavy usage we’ve been getting, especially on Sunday mornings. We are excited for this update as the first of many that are on the way to continue to improve your experience with YouVersion.

Thank you to all the churches and groups that have already been so creative in using YouVersion Live for your events in your community. In fact we would love to see the creativity and innovation you are putting into your Events to share with others in the YouVersion community. You can send us the event link through a mention on Twitter to @YouVersion.

And if you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check out the first in a series of videos on “Why I Love YouVersion.”


iPhone Bible Update 2.0 Submitted to iTunes Store

An update of the Bible app is on the way! Version 2.0 of the YouVersion iPhone Bible app (Bible) is waiting patiently in line for approval at the iTunes Store. Last week we pushed out an update that included new YouVersion Live functionality and some Twitter features that we’re pretty excited about. The last update was also supposed to include the ability to view The Message as an offline translation. But a couple wires got crossed somewhere in that process that prevented The Message from showing up offline and also caused different translations to disappear offline for some users.

We apologize for the bugs that kept some of you from having access to your translation of choice. This update solves all of those issues, and refines the Bible app and some of the new features launched last week. Specifically here is what this update, version 2.0, includes:

  • The Bible translation “The Message” is available as an offline download.
  • A fix for the bug that caused certain translations to disappear when the Bible app was restarted or rebooted.
  • Several improvements to YouVersion Live Events and detail pages.
  • The addition of a webkit/browser into Bible app, so when clicking on links from within YouVersion Live, it doesn’t require leaving out to Safari.
  • Completion of API implementation across the entire Bible app.
  • Several speed and performance improvements.

In the midst of all the YouVersion Live launch excitement, we also had the pleasure of  connecting with many of you last week during Catalyst and asking you the question, “What do you love about YouVersion?” Go to the YouVersion Facebook Page to see what people had to say and to share your answer!