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New Versions now in the Bible App…

Thanks to the generosity of our many partners, we’re pleased to offer more than 1,700 Bible versions in over 1,200 languages through the Bible Appincluding several English versions added this year:

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With the Compare versions feature in the Bible App, you can quickly see how different Bible versions translate the same passage. Tap on the verse, then tap Compare, and see the same verse repeated in all of your recently used Bible translations.

Discover the version that speaks to you and connect with God in His Word every day.

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…and in more languages.

Today, billions of people around the world carry a mobile device, and many are actively searching for hope and purpose in life. Our prayer is that one day all people will have access to a Bible, at the click of a button, in the language and version that speaks to them – because we believe that God’s Word has the power to change lives.

If you’re looking for a Bible version in another language (or you know someone who is), the Bible App offers more than a thousand to explore. In fact, more than 75 versions in over 50 languages have been added this year alone! Here are just a few:

Assamese Bible

Cherokee New Testament Bible
American Bible Society

Herziene Statenvertaling
Royal Jongbloed

Haitian Creole
1998 Haitian Creole Bible
Haitian Bible Society

Biblían (2007) Icelandic Bible
Icelandic Bible Society

The Bible, Colloquial Japanese
Japan Bible Society

Odia Bible NT – BSI
Bible Society of India

Portuguese (Brazil)
Bíblia Sagrada, Nova Versão Transformadora
Editora Mundo Cristao

Modern Russian Bible Translation
Bible Society in Russia

Tibetan Bible
New Way Publishing

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