Good Gifts from a Heavenly Father

Father holding son

Every good gift…

Think back on the men who made a positive impact in your life. Maybe they helped you, sharing wisdom or kindness right when you needed it. Who comes to mind? A dad, a mentor, a father figure?

Today, let those men know how much they mean to you with an encouraging word from Scripture. Text them a verse, or create a Verse Image just for them in your Bible App.

…from the Father above.

The Bible is filled with powerful words that describe the goodness of God’s character: present, gracious, loving, unchanging, full of compassion and mercy…to name just a few! Who could you encourage today with a word from God? Maybe it’s a friend or a loved one. Maybe it’s you.

Any one of these Plans can help you begin seeing more of God’s heart and connecting with Him. Even better: Start a Plan with Friends, and invite others to join you!

Presence-Filled Prayer: Experiencing God in Prayer
The Antidote to Loneliness
In All Things
The God Who Gives

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Still looking?

Are you looking for godly insight into how you can become the kind of father figure — The Dad — who inspires the ones who matter most to you? We put together a few Plans to help you grow into the spiritual leader God created you to be:

Man of God
Fathers - A Father's Day Devotional
Stormproof Men
Summer Adventure

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