The 21-Day Challenge starts February 1!

21-Day Challenge

How would your life look different if you made time with God a daily habit this year?

Imagine how your faith, relationships, and mental health will have evolved a year from now because you purposefully chose to pursue God today.

As February begins, fix your eyes on Jesus with the 21-Day Challenge. Complete one Bible Plan Day for 21 days during the month to earn an exclusive Badge.

Find out how 21 days can change your life, just like the millions of others around the world who have taken on the Challenge.

The reviews are in…

“It’s taken my spiritual walk to another level.”

Crystal, United States

“It helped me rediscover my
relationship with God.”

Faith, Nigeria

“It has helped me study on the go.”

Dianah, United Kingdom

“It made me realize that I am
meant for so much more.”

Meredith, United States

Ready to accept the challenge?


Pick a Plan to start. It’s okay if it’s shorter than 21 days. You can read multiple Plans that add up to 21 days or you can choose a longer Plan.


Begin February 1, and complete at least one Plan Day for 21 days during the month. Plan Days don’t have to be completed in a row.


Earn an exclusive Badge as a reward for your consistency.

21-Day Challenge Badge

Get started with one of these
recommended Plans:

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