Challenge: Accomplished 🏅

2019 Mid-Year Challenge - Man smiling

It’s Only the Beginning…

Over the past two weeks, we invited you, our global YouVersion Community, to join us in pursuing intimacy with God by completing the 2019 Mid-Year Challenge.

Your dedication to growing closer with God and one another encourages us. Over 1.2 million Badges were awarded and 56 million Plan days completed!

Keep Your Momentum Going:

The statistics from past Challenges are clear: once you establish a daily routine for several weeks, that can help you maintain your new habit and achieve longer Streaks and Perfect Weeks in the Bible.

With thousands of Plans to choose from, you’ll always have a reason to spend daily time with God. Let’s make the most of the rest of 2019… together:

Find Your Next Plan

2019 Mid-Year Challenge Badge

To everyone who participated: Thank you! You will be receiving your 2019 Mid-Year Challenge badge within the next couple of days. (You can find your badge in the “Badges” section of your Bible App.)

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