Who will pray for you?

Encourage-Inspire-Love-Challenge-Pray for one another…

Who do you know that will…

encourage you?

Friends on hike

“I was reading through the Psalms on my phone. I asked my husband if he minded if I read the chapter out loud in a couple of different translations. Since that day, we read a chapter or two together every night before we turn off the lights. It has totally changed the dynamics of our marriage.”

Debbie L.

love you?

Friends on beach at sunset

inspire you?

Friends on walk in field

“I have greater access to the Mind of God through perspectives of friends. I’ve also connected with many friends around the world, and we share and encourage one another. Awesome!”

Eme I.

challenge you?

Friends on top of mountain

pray for you?

Friends praying for man

The Bible is filled with stories of people celebrating together in good times… and helping each other through hard times. You need relationships with close friends you can trust. And they need you.

Invite friends to join you in the Bible App.

Find Friends

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