Discover the joy of Christmas:


For weeks, we’ve been preparing for Christmas with Advent Prayers, and now Christmas is a week away! Christmas is intended to be a joyous occasion, but how do you choose joy when the world is filled with hurt and hardship?

This week, get vivid reminders of the joy of Christmas with our special YouVersion Original Christmas Plan. If you haven’t begun the Christmas Challenge yet, this is a great way to join.

To help you get started, we’ve provided the first Plan day below:

Day 1: The Story Begins - What exactly is joy? To unpack it, let’s go back to when God created the world. Imagine you’ve just been brought to life by the breath of God, and as God pulls you up from the ground, He smiles at you. From then on, whenever He looks at you, His face lights up. Life’s perfect until one day, you do the only thing God swore you could never do, and because of this act of rebellion, you separate yourself from the One who knew you perfectly and loved you relentlessly. In an instant, what was meant to be eternal closeness with God becomes eternal separation from Him. That’s what happens in Genesis 1-3… but thankfully, it’s not the end of the story.

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