Raising a family is hard.

What does it mean to
be a “Good Parent”?

Raising a family can be hard. We all want to give our kids more than we had—security and stability, enriching experiences, and opportunities to grow. How do we lead our children spiritually, towards creating a better world?

Thankfully, we don’t have to figure it out alone. Many have gone before us, documenting their experiences with things that worked for them. These Bible Plans can help you through different stages on your journey:

Family sitting on couch

Early Childhood

For parents of small children, get the basics of biblical parenting.

Parents of Young Kids

Father and daughter sitting on couch

Older Kids and Teens

Find practical help for the challenges facing parents of growing kids. Many of these Plans are great to do with your kids using Plans with Friends.

Parents of Teens and Youth

Mother and daughter sitting on bench

Parents of Adult Children

Plans that can help you maintain your relationships with your grown children, build relationships with your grandkids, and more. Consider inviting your kids to these Plans through Plans with Friends.

Parents of Grown-Ups

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