Does the Bible exist in your language?

Bible for Everyone

God’s words are alive and active, and they have the power to transform lives. When He speaks, light breaks through the darkness. When God speaks, the old becomes new.

How is God’s Word shaping you?

There are millions of people seeking God through His Word in YouVersion. Every time you open the app, you have an opportunity to hear from God in a language you understand—a language that speaks to you.

…But what if you didn’t?

Language list in Bible App on phone

Right now, there are over 2,500 Bible versions in over 1,700 languages available in YouVersion…

…But there are still thousands of languages that need to be translated.

How different would your life look if there were no Bible versions available in your language?

Right now, almost a billion people are able to speak to their mothers, their fathers, their siblings, and their neighbors in their language … but they’ve never experienced God speaking to them through His Word in their language.

The Bible literally doesn’t exist in their heart language. But imagine what will happen in their families, communities, and countries when that changes.

Help shape someone’s future.

Right now, there is a movement of people committed to helping us get the Bible to everyone by the year 2033, and you can help us reach this goal.

Our Vision
for 2033

95% of the world’s population
will have a full Bible

99.9% will have at least
the New Testament

100% will have at least
a portion of Scripture

Let’s get the Bible to everyone.

When you give to Bible for Everyone, you’re helping our global Bible partners get Scripture translated into every language. And almost as soon as a new version is completed, we’re able to make it available to the entire YouVersion Community, worldwide.

Our vision is to see everyone have access to at least a portion of Scripture by 2033—but what if God wants to do more than we can imagine? What if we could reach this goal faster? And what if God wants to use you?

Will you join us?

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All contributions received through the Bible for Everyone campaign will be used exclusively for the purpose of Bible translation, and spread across different, high-impact translation projects. As each project is completed, any remaining funds are then applied toward the next translation project, as selected by YouVersion and its partners.

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