Thank God for Moms ❤️

Mother hugging two children

Celebrate moms that
inspire you.

They’re the women who consistently care for their families. The ones navigating busy schedules, messy rooms, and sometimes, empty homes. They’re the women who mentor others with love, and who lead others with compassion. And they’re the women who keep showing up—even when life gets hard.

These women show us what it means to be a Mom. They are worthy of being loved, known, and celebrated.

Today is a great day to tell a mom in your life how much you appreciate her. Take a moment to thank God for the moms He’s placed around you, and then share this special Verse Image with someone who inspires you.

Proverbs 31:29 Verse Image

Share Verse Image

For more encouragement, tap here to watch a short video we made just for moms!

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