YouVersion is celebrating 500 million installs!

It started as a question.

“What if we could use technology to help people engage more consistently with the Bible?”

In 2008, it turned into the YouVersion Bible App—one of the first 200 free apps on the App Store.

What began as a desire to make Scripture accessible to everyone has now become a global movement of people committed to seeking God every day through His Word.

It’s a movement you’re a part of…

… A movement that’s now been installed on half a billion devices.

A movement made possible because…

The Bible is ALIVE

Celebrate this historic moment.

Something BIG is happening.

God is actively at work through YouVersion—and hundreds of millions of people are a part of it.

Every time someone installs YouVersion, they’re getting instant access to a Community centered around the Bible. A Community that’s inviting God to shape their lives through Scripture, Bible Plans, and Prayer.

Tony R.

“Once I found [YouVersion], studied, read Plans, and connected with others, I was hooked on the power of God flowing through the YouVersion Community.”

Tony R.

God is not finished.

Today we’re celebrating 500 million installs … but we’re not just reflecting on what God has done, we’re looking forward to what He’ll do next.

Imagine a day in the near future when 1 billion people have installed YouVersion.

You can help make this happen.

The best way to help us celebrate this historic moment is by sharing YouVersion with someone in your life who hasn’t been transformed by God’s Word yet.

There are millions of people still waiting to be transformed by the Bible, and you are perfectly positioned to reach some of them. Allow God to actively work through you by inviting others to discover that The Bible is Alive.

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