21-Day Challenge results are in!

(Spoiler alert: You crushed it.)

21-Day Challenge

During the last three weeks, the worldwide YouVersion Community united to complete over 80 million Plan days — an all-time Challenge record! The time we shared in God’s Word drew us all closer to each other. More importantly, it drew us closer to Him.

To everyone who took part in 21-Day Challenge 2019: Thank you.

Starting was the hardest part.

Make sure everything is checked

Now, just maintain your momentum.

Each Plan day you completed for the Challenge was another link in the chain of your Bible habit. Keep your goals small and simple. For example, try chasing Perfect Weeks. String them together, Sunday to Sunday, one after another. With thousands of Plans to keep you going, you’ll always be just a few clicks away from your next new favorite:

Discover Plans

If you successfully completed the Challenge:

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In the Bible App, go to your profile and select Badges. If you don’t see your 21-Day Challenge badge yet, don’t panic! 😊 It will take a few days for everyone’s badges to show up.

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