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2019 Mid-Year Challenge

How do you grow closer to someone? You spend time with them. You talk to each other. You learn about one another. That’s also how we draw closer to God: by investing time in His Word, listening to Him, and talking to Him through prayer. Maybe you’re a pro at this, or maybe you’re trying to develop in this area of your life.

Did you know that at this point in the year, many people start to drop off from spending daily time with God?

That’s why we do the Mid-Year Challenge.

Grow in your intimacy with God and keep your Bible reading on track, all while completing Plans you love.

Find Plans

How to Start:

Between July 8th and July 24th, when you complete Bible Plan daily readings for seven days in a row, you’ll earn our shiny new 2019 Mid-Year Challenge Badge!

Choose a Plan of any length, or continue an existing Plan. If your Plan ends before 7 days, simply start another one after that. Just complete at least one Plan day, every day, for seven days in a row! (And make sure you check off each day as “completed.”)

Completed Plan Day

If you complete 7 days in a row, you’ll earn the 2019 Mid-Year Challenge badge for your Bible App profile:

2019 Mid-Year Challenge Badge

Get Started:

The Mid-Year Challenge begins in a few days, so we suggest you start looking for Plans now.

When you find a Plan you think you’d enjoy, tap “Save for Later.” Or, even better…

Tap Start, select With Friends, set the start date for July 8, and invite some friends to join you!

Busy schedule? Not a big reader?

Have Google Assistant or Alexa read your Plan to you! Choose the ones you love. Voilà! You’re now ready for the Mid-Year Challenge.

Suggested Plans

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