Make this your 2020 soundtrack:

Man listening on headphones

How do you get God’s Word deep inside you? By listening to it.

Whatever your daily routines look like, you can make hearing God’s Word a habit by having Scripture read to you. With “Read to Me” Plans, you can complete your daily devotional and Scripture readings without having to touch your screen.

Simply select a “Read to Me” Plan, press play, and let the truths in God’s Word speak to you –– wherever you go.

Get started with this list of Plans:

Browse “Read to Me” Plans

Love listening to the Bible?

Try YouVersion Bible for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby:

Google Home

Ok Google … ask YouVersion Bible to read Psalms.

Amazon Echo

Alexa … ask YouVersion Bible to read my Plan.


Hi, Bixby … ask YouVersion Bible for the Verse of the Day.

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