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What does the Bible say about hope? Healing? Peace? Joy? Suffering? Now, you can do more than just search for a topic, you can discover everything about it.

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Discover gives you a complete view of the content YouVersion offers. Simply search what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you explore Bible verses, Plans, Teaching Clips, Verse Images, and more.

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Not sure where to start?

Discover gives you immediate access to helpful content like this week’s Verse of the Day Teaching Clips, Trending Bible Plans, Featured Videos and more. Here’s a glimpse at what you will find with Discover:

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Verse of the Day Story Videos

View a selection of Verse of the Day
Teaching Clips.

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Answers for Every Emotion

Joyful? Frustrated?
Hopeful? Stressed?
Find relevant, helpful content no
matter how you feel.

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Trending Plans

Explore what Plans and topics are most popular with the YouVersion Community today.

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Your Favorite Bible Teachers

Search for a speaker or ministry and get all their Bible Plans and Videos in one place.

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A Personalized List of Content

See auto-curated suggestions based on the content you like the most.

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To start using Discover, update your YouVersion Bible App and then tap on the Discover icon (Discover icon). As you type, Discover will start auto populating suggestions. You can also tap the search icon again when you’re ready to see all your search results.

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Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.


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