Thank God for His Word

The Bible is ALIVE

Let’s Pray Together

Every time you open YouVersion, you’re connecting with God through His Word. And when you open the app, you have access to Scripture in a language you understand.

Think about what a gift that is.

But Scripture isn’t just available in your language— because of our generous partners, YouVersion offers the Bible in over 1,700 languages.

God is captivating the hearts of people searching for Him through His Word, and creating a global Community centered around Scripture.

And He’s just getting started.

As YouVersion approaches 500 million installs, let’s thank God for making it possible for us to draw near to Him through His Word. Let’s ask God to continue to transform hearts around the world through Scripture, and let’s pray for the people in our lives who don’t yet know God personally.

A Prayer of Celebration


Thank you for bringing a Community of believers together through Your Word. Scripture has changed our lives, transformed our hearts and minds, and revealed our deep need for You. Your Word is the reason the YouVersion Community exists.

God, we want Your Word to continue to spread across the world because it is perfect and true. Your Word never returns empty. Through Scripture, You have revealed what is good and wise. Your Word is full of promises that guide and light our way. It instructs us, guides us, corrects us, and comforts us. We want to see Your words continue to transform our world.

Provide us with more opportunities to share Scripture with others. And as You provide us with these opportunities, please make more hearts and minds ready to know You intimately.

Let us become the people You created us to be so that we can give You glory at all times. We are Your people, and we fully offer ourselves to You.

In Jesus’ name,

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